4 Best 5th Wheel Lube Plate Reviews (with Buying Guide)

You’re probably wondering, what is a Fifth Wheel Lube Plate? Well, a Fifth Wheel lube plate is one of the most important parts of your trailer. And certainly, you need to take care of it so that it lasts to its full potential.

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The dilemma is, there are many types of Fifth Wheel lube plates out there in the market! Dig deep to navigate through all the options with our best 5th wheel lube plate reviews below.

5th Wheel Lube Plate Comparison: Compare and find the right one







Chrome Trailer Hitch


  • Vehicle: Trailer

  • Wear resistant plastic

  • No drilling or tools required for installation

Rivco trailer hitch kit GL18007-20


  • Vehicle: Trailer

  • 12"

  • No drilling or tools required


Reese Towpower 83002

  • 10 inch round

  • 3/16 inch thick

  • Made in US

What does “Lube Plate” or “Slip Lube Plate” Mean?

A ‘slip lube plate’ refers to a ‘lube plate.’ A ‘lube plate’ is a piece of metal that covers the opening where you place your fifth wheel lube. This important piece of equipment aims to allow the free flow of oil during usage And also to protect it from dirt build-up or other contaminants.

It comes in various sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. This article will discuss some top five products, so you can choose which one fits your needs perfectly!

How does a Fifth Wheel Lube Plate Work?

A fifth-wheel lube plate is designed to reduce friction on the fifth wheel of your trailer’s hitch plate. It does this by allowing eliminating messy grease deposits through its grease zerks. This also helps with reducing normal wear resistance when connecting and disconnecting from a truck or tractor, since there will be less friction between the two vehicles’ components.

The connection should feel much smoother! Some fifth wheel plates have higher-quality greases “pre-applied,” while others require you to buy your own and add it yourself before installation.

4 Best Fifth Wheel Lube Plates Review

Indeed, these best fifth-wheel lube plate units we have specified below have a lot to offer. They help the user disc easily slide into position and can reduce noise while doing so.

Below are the top four picks for this best fifth wheel lube plates review:

#1 EAZ LIFT Black 10″ 5th Wheel Lube Plate (44664)

EAZ LIFT Black 10

EAZ LIFT Black 10″ Makes installing and fine-tuning as easy as a piece of cake! Very sturdy design holds up well over time, even in high traffic highways with lots of big trucks passing by every day!

You can use this black plate on another pad or as part of an assembly.

It comes with bolts for installation on most trucks. It has silicone pads to prevent slipping. The handle has also made it easy to carry around.

This is a perfect addition to any commercial vehicle that needs reliable and tough white polyethylene plastic parts to hold up nicely under pressure, especially for daily usage.

The price is very reasonable too, making this an absolute “must buy”! Rest assured, you won’t regret buying it!


  • EAZ LIFT Black 10″ allows you to relocate the fifth wheel plate without disassembly.
  • The best fifth-wheel hitch lube plate for the money!
  • Far superior method of black powder coating to keep your grease clean.


  • None!

Other models are available online, but none provide more value than what this one offers at its price point!

#2 EAZ LIFT Black 12″ 5th Wheel Lube Plate (44674)

EAZ LIFT Black 12

The EAZ LIFT Black 12″ Fifth Wheel Lube Plate is a standard black painted steel lube plate.

It fits all kingpin sizes and can be used to replace any broken or missing plates on your fifth wheel.

The hole size in this model measures 0.875 inches, which means that it will fit other-sized holes as well.

This product comes with a free installation hardware kit to help you get up and running quickly.


  • The price is average for this product category.
  • This model comes with a free installation hardware kit. Also, it’s very standard, so you won’t have any issues using the same parts as other products.
  • Fits holes of all king pin sizes.


  • Doesn’t come in an array of colors to choose from.

Comparing this product to others in its category will allow us to understand how much value we are getting by purchasing the EAZ LIFT Black 12″ Fifth Wheel Lube Plate.

#3 Reese Fifth Wheel Towpower 83002

Reese Fifth Wheel LyourT fifth power 83002

This Reese Fifth Wheel lube plate is designed to provide lubrication for the top of your truck bed rails. However, you can also use it as a standard drop-in accessory for most tonneau covers.

Or even for other applications where you want an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

This model features five adjustable oil ports protected by rubber caps that prevent dirt from entering when they are not being used.

The port locations have been specifically chosen so that no matter what size kingpin your fifth wheel has, there will always be one available close enough to reach without difficulty.

We recommend this product to everyone because it will help you save a lot of time when hooking up your fifth wheeler!


  • The Reese Towpower 83002 Fifth Wheel Lube Plate is made of aluminum alloy that ensures durability.
  • The installation process is fast and easy, even for people who are not experienced.


  • The Reese Towpower 83002 Fifth Wheel Lube Plate is a bit on the expensive side.

#4 Reese 83003 Lube Plate for Titan 16K

Reese 83003 Lube Plate for Titan 16K

Reese Lube Plate for Titan 16K fifth wheel hitch head plate is great to be used on the fifth wheel.

It has a unique design that provides good lubrication at every point of contact between the top plate and the standard kingpin box.

It serves its purpose by using a grease fitting that can easily access anytime you need it.

A new feature includes its adjustable height, ensuring that your truck bed will have more room when needed without disconnecting from the hitch system itself.

This lube plate comes with a kit of installation equipment, so there’s no additional purchase required in order to install this item on your vehicle or camper trailer.

You won’t regret buying Reese as they are one of the trusted brands and offer quality products related to car accessories, parts, and components.


  • A reputable company of best hitch manufacturer.
  • It has very good reviews from previous customers who have used the product before.
  • It does towing with durable material, so you can expect this to last long compared with other brands in its category.
  • Will allow smooth movement when your fifth wheel hitch moves up and down without any problem or resistance at all!
  • You don’t need additional grease or lube because the plate comes pre-greased right out of the box, which makes things easier for everyone involved.


  • None!

Tips for Maintaining your Fifth Wheel Lube Plate

fifth wheel hitch and Fifth Wheel Lube Plate

Your curt lube plate is an essential piece of your fifth wheel hitch. Without it, your trailer setup will not stay connected to the truck properly. Hence, you must take care of your fifth wheel lube plate properly.

  • Keep metal shavings and dirt away from the surface area surrounding your curt lube plate, or you may end up with a dirty bed that doesn’t work as well.”
  • Make sure you keep all moving pieces lubricated so they don’t wear out prematurely. If any part starts squeaking, it could be time for replacement soon.
  • You should also make sure to clean off any debris before connecting. A build-up on the outside can prevent smooth movement between the two pieces, leading to damage over time.
  • When determining if it’s time to replace your lube plate, take a look at the bolts. If they are worn or rusted in any way, this is another sign that you need new parts.
  • It is always better to keep one of these on hand, just in case something goes wrong while traveling.

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Buying Guide for Fifth Wheel Lube Plate


It is crucial to consider the dimensions of Fifth Wheel Lube Plates because they will affect how much of it you can fit in your Fifth Wheel. Consider Fifth-wheel turntable specifications and ensure all of your criteria are met by your chosen Fifth-wheel lube plate dimensions before buying.


Many people assume that all Fifth Wheel Turn Table Specifications perform the same. However, Fifth Wheel Turn Table Specifications are different sizes. The size of the Fifth-wheel lube plate matters because it will affect how much weight that lube plate can hold. And even the turning radius of your Fifth Wheel Lubrication Plate.


The type of material that your fifth wheel lube plate is made out of will affect the plate weight. Fifth Wheel Lubrication Plate materials are usually either steel or aluminum. So consider the materials before buying.


The overall length, dimensions & features need to be considered before buying a Fifth-wheel turntable. The durability is important because it will affect how long your plates will last. Generally speaking, a fifth-wheel lube plate should survive for a long time without breaking or wearing down.


While some brands don’t provide any warranty, others do. So check before you purchase.

Is There a Difference Between a “Lubrication Plate” and a “Lubrication Plate Adapter”?

No, there’s not much difference between these two products at all, actually. Both refer to lube plates. The Lubrication Plate Adapter is a Slip Lube Plate or piece of metal contact that has been modified with cutouts for easy installation. These plates will also come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and designs!

What does “Free Flow Lube Scheme” Mean?

A “free-flow lubrication scheme” refers to how oil flows through your hitch plate receiver. With this system, there are no ports within the walls themselves. Rather, they rely on being attached at specific points along with the “lube plate “or “slip lube plate.”

A Free Flow Lube Scheme uses less oil because it is not trapped in your “fifth wheel hitch” walls and, therefore, less build-up. However, this may also mean that dirt can get into these “free flow lubrication schemes” more easily.

But the good news is, this system comes attached to different types of “lube plates” or “slip lube plates,” so you can choose which one works best for you!

What does a “Sealed Lubrication System” Mean?

A “sealed lubrication system,” on the other hand, refers to how oil flows through your fifth wheel receiver opening. With this design, ports are inserted within the wall to “seal” the oil so it doesn’t escape.

There are also ports outside these walls to “release” any heavy pressure build-up or contamination within your ‘fifth wheel hitch.’

This design is great for preventing dirt from entering. However, it will use more oil because there isn’t a ‘free flow lubrication scheme.’ And therefore less build-up over time! This system comes attached to different types of lube plates or slips lube plates, so you should choose which one works best for you!

How to Install the 5th Wheel Lube Plate (step by step)?

A guy is Installing the Fifth Wheel Lube Plate onto the Trailer's Hitch Receiver

Fifth Wheel Lube Plate Wrench fits all Standard Sized Chassis Tube Hitches and Bolt Cutter. But before that, make sure you have any specific tool or hardware that you might need for installation.

Step #01

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the ‘pin’ holding the ‘hitch lock’ in place.

Step #02

Make sure you’re using a lube plate wrench because it’s made fit into that square hole. Then, use your lube plate wrench to install the square hole on the fifth wheel tub.

Step #03

Insert pin/spacer combination (included with product) through the fifth wheel tub and hitch receiver tube opening.

Step #04

Finally, tighten down by inserting other ends of the spacer/pin combo until tight!

And, you did it! Now enjoy your trip across the country or even just around town for some errands.

You can also watch this 5th Wheel Lube Plate installation video.


Fifth wheel lube plates are a great investment to protect your fifth wheel hitch plate constructed. Also, it will make service the unit easier on yourself if you need to. Investing in one of these is not only good for your safety; it will also extend the life of your gears and ball coupler! We hope this article has been helpful, and you’ve learned a few things about the Fifth Wheel Lube Plate!

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