Shocker Hitch Reviews: A Complete Guide -2024

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Shocker hitch Review

Trucks come in different sizes, and trailers might always not need a weight distributing hitch. Nowadays, the latest model heavy-duty pickups include a receiver hitch that has ball slots. But you can always customize and choose one of your own.

While towing trucks crossing 1,600 lbs might need a wd system, pickup trucks below the tongue weight line are compatible with a custom shank & ball mount. Shocker hitches are excellent if you’re looking for nothing too overboard.

Like others, most of Shocker’s classic versions don’t distribute weight or control sway. Instead, it absorbs any kind of road bump.

So, our team of experts took three different Shocker hitches to a test drive, and we have some thoughts. Check out the full Shocker hitch review below!

Best Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Hitch Comparison Table






Shocker HD 16K Air Hitch (16,000 lbs)

  • ‎50 pounds

  • ‎12 x 6 x 10 inches

  • ‎Vehicle Service Type: Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Trailer

Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

  • 46 Pounds

  • Vehicle Service Type: Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Sport-Utility-Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Trailer

  • ‎12000 lbs, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch, Has 2-5/16" Ball

Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch (12000 lbs)

  • 46 Pounds

  • Vehicle Service Type: Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Sport-Utility-Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Trailer

  • ‎12000 lbs, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch, Has 2-5/16" Ball

How is Shocker hitch as a brand?

Shocker has a pretty good reputation in the towing industry. The US-based company is not old as most of the towing brands. The company’s primary mission is to make towing smoother & safer.

Their air receiver hitches, cushioned ball mounts, couplers & extensions are trending on the market and are popular among pickup truck drivers. It also offers sway bars and a drawbar to work as a weight distributor. But Shocker is not still as big as Andersen or Blue Ox hitches, but it does provide excellent service.

It did enter the weight distribution hitch arena with its Shocker Hitch Air Equalizer and did a great job providing a smooth ride. 

What does a shocker hitch do?

Shocker hitch has further updates, and the latest ones come with a weight distribution facility. Air ride technology is one of its signature innovations. While traveling with a Shocker, the air cushion immediately activates whenever the trailer faces any kind of road bumps or sway.

It slides into a standard receiver tube and absorbs tugging, jerking, or any type of damaging force. As a result, it provides a smooth and easy ride. In case of long travel on windy roads and quick setup, the situations we highly recommend using Shocker.

As it is a weight carrying system, setting up a good ball mount and adjusting its 2 inches shank with your truck will do. 

2024 Best 3 Shocker Hitch Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

1) Shocker HD 16K Air Hitch (Combo Ball Mount 16,000lbs)

Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

While equalizer hitch has a four-point sway technology, shocker air brought a new hitch technology of their own. Yes, you guessed it right, the air technology. So, the first shocker air that our experts love is the Shocker HD 16K Air Hitch.

Air ride technology

One of the exciting things about this is the air cushion system. Manufacturers explain that the air shaker takes negative air, meaning excess air, to the center of the cushion pivot. So, any air has to transfer through the air bag and into the hitch ball mount.

While testing, we also found proof that it does control airflow and sway control that lead to an ultimate smooth ride.

But it’s advised to take the shocker 16k and check it doesn’t already have air in the bag before attaching it to the receiver hitch. 


There’s a combo ball mount up to ½ or three drops. Also, the shocker air hitch provides seven different hole adjustment options. It makes sure users get a fine-tune for any kind of towing weight. In case of heavier loads, add air to get a smoother ride.

Try to line up the shocker HD system with the locking pin that comes with the 16k shocker so that no one can steal it. The idea is to adjust the air pressure and air shocker to remove any kind of bump while traveling a long and short distance. 

Set up

These are not hard to set up, most have one basic adjustment, and it’s done. But remember that a shocker with a 2 inches shank will not fit a 2 to half-inch receiver. It will result in way too much depth than the receiver hitch.

Besides, the receiver tube allows its adjustment to the 16k if it mismatches. The easiest way to install a fifth wheel hitch is to match the height adjustment and tongue weight first. This will fit a 3 inches receiver tube and that has a sleeve quickly. Never underestimate the power of a good hitch ball and always go with the proper tow weight.

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Other Information

Shocker 16k distributes excess sway and balances out the weight of a trailer. Some of the active users viewed a massive difference after changing to an air shocker.

Moreover, the 16K air bag automatically goes under a receiver tube, making a short distance between the ball center and the mounting point.

The maximum distance between these is 10 inches. Also, the shocker HD bump style provides a sleek ride and load control.

In different youtube reviews, some users called it their best ride. But our experts advise not to go beyond the sixteen hundred tongue weight mark. 


  • It has a 16,000 lb towing capacity and a capability of 1,600 lbs tongue weight
  • Includes a 16K air bag that controls sway and air compresses
  • Best for full size & mid-size trailer & truck and 2 inches shank


  • It can’t exceed 100 psi inside the air bag.

2) Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

Shocker air safe hitch has different updated versions; our experts’ favorite is the  Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount. 

Safe sway control

The shocker air works precisely as the previous version, but it gets support from a sway bar & raised ball mount. We took it for a test drive and noticed its sway operation.

The air bag rides on the bottom side of the receiver, and the Schrader valve has to align with the small line of the shocker air. It connects directly with the air bag. You’ll see the ball mount has two sides, the black one is hard, and the green one is soft.

After users attach a trailer, it goes to the soft zone and pushes to the air bags meaning the shocker. The shocker air absorbs negative air pressure resulting in a smoother ride. 

Effective air bag system

It has a practical combo ball mount that gives a controlled best ride. It includes a two inches hitch ball and also a sixteen inches ball. Both sides include a mini hitch ball that helps to set the trailer. Shocker has a specialty to offer seven different hole adjustments.

Mainly you can adjust from half to three inches drop. We can say without a doubt that it gives an ultimate smooth towing experience. Also, the built-in air bag sway gets easier and ensures a safe and smooth ride. 


This has 12,000 lbs tow rating capacity and also a tongue weight of 1,200lbs. The standard ball mount makes sure it can balance with the air cushion, even in the tiny air suspension unit. According to the manufacturers, when followed with an accurate measurement, the Shocker Air can absorb any kind of road jerking and even tugging.

Our experts experienced no tugging and damage while towing the trailer. It also relieves users from the extra hassle of trailer and receiver connection. Jeep, SUV, minivan, or CUV, anything can attach and do an outstanding balance with the receiver to protect from external damage.

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Set up

Different hitches have different settings; some have built-in options, but the shocker needs an air compressor. As the first step, make sure to compress the air bag. Our experts push down the air and depress the air valve. To adjust the ball mount choose a two or 2/5/16 inches hitch ball.

The same goes for the height, and it can not cross seven and ½ inches of a drop. While working with a heavy-duty unit, adjusting the ball adapter to level the trailer with a receiver is essential. 


  • Air technology along with sway control bars makes towing trailers easy
  • It can take up to 1,200 tongue weight and 12,00lb towing capacity 
  • It includes an adjustable drop ball mount and hitch ball.


  • It doesn’t work with famous brands like Andersen.

Is there any shocker hitch with weight distribution?

Yes, Shocker has further updates that distribute weight. Also, they improved bumper pull in the middle of a road shock in the new version. 

3) Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch (12000 lbs)

Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch

Responding to recent competition from leading brands Shocker has upgraded from the old version to the new Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch. It now comes along with weight distribution but with the shocker air technology. 

How it works

What sets Shocker apart from others is its innovative air design. The thing you have to do is simply add a load-leveling equalizer adjusting to your towing vehicle. Moreover, the shocker air hitch also goes with the weight distribution hitch except for Andersen.

It absorbs any kind of rock shock to prevent sway and breaking welds. The rear axles tend to balance load while riding, resulting in a much smoother ride.

As much as we love equal-i-zer, it puts all the load into the truck, where in contrast, the shocker air minimizes bumps and puts the pressure in the air bags. That is something innovative in the weight distribution of the game. 

Smoother towing

Air equalizer absorbs any kind of road bumps through its air ride technology. Whenever the receiver and the trailer get any sway, it immediately activates its air bag system. It gives a better grip on the pickup trucks and trailers without causing any problem.

It is not a  typical rigid connection hitch, but it is flexible for heavy trailers. There’s an arm pivot design to it that gives a front & back motion. From our experience of testing hitches, it’s pretty different from any other we’ve tried before.

Also, the design and technology eliminate any kind of linkage or extra engineered gadgets. 


Many different users in forums are skeptical and concerned about trailer breakage. We can say that any kind of trailer will go smoothly with the Shocker. The max limit of tongue weight capacity is 1,200lbs for this, and also it can tow up to 12,000 lbs.

Manufacturers strictly warn about not crossing the proper recommended tow weight, which is 1,200 lbs.  In different towing weight recommendations, users with 1,000 lbs tow vehicles are suggested to use this. Like the previous version, for a heavy load unit, users only need to add more air. 

Shock action

These have a good reputation for the best rides even in the windiest weather. The shock dampening stops any kind of jerking using the air technology. You won’t need extra trailer content, meaning it gives your equipment more durability, especially tow vehicles.

For XR size ball mount, users can choose additional attachments from Shocker. It adjusts with popular brands such as Fastway E2, Husky, Blue Ox, Camco Eaz Life, Torklift, and more. 


  • It includes a built-in airbag and extra four bump cushions to beat road shock.
  • Fits 2-½ inches top 3-¾ inches venter bolts
  • Wd bars compress system makes the installation process easy
  • It also can tow up to 12,000lbs, and its tongue weight is 1,200lbs 


  • 600 lbs tongue weight can not use this hitch.

Shocker hitch vs. Gen-Y hitch

Gen-Y has the most similar technology to Shocker, but there are many differences between them. We’ve mentioned the main differences between the Shocker hitch and the Gen-Y hitch in the table below.


Shocker Hitch

Gen-Y Hitch 

Capacity of towing

( Minimum to maximum)

12,000 lbs to  16,000 lbs 

10,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs 

Air Ride Technology

Innovator of this technology

It doesn’t use this technology 

Adjustability of weight 


Fixed and can not adjust 

Safe towing 

Yes, manufacturers guarantee it 

No guarantee

Skill requirements 

No extra skill required

Special engineered skills required

Ball mount variety

Ten different options 

Three options


2″ Rise – 7″ Drop

 5-10″ drop



Heavier and goes up to 95 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) of Shocker hitch

Shocker hitch connected with a van

How and where to put air in the Shocker Air Hitch? 

Our experts advise checking the left side of the Mount receiver hitch first. Users will come across an air valve. Now, keep adding air until the frame goes on the top front of the bump cushion.

If you are towing a lighter trailer, then remove excess air, and in case of heavier trailer load, simply add more air. If you don’t put any air in the cushion, their ride will still go smoothly. 

Are Shocker hitches compatible with Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitches? 

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control works fine with most of the Shocker hitches. It makes the overall towing experience fast and smoother. Both the trailer and truck stay in one line while driving on high and windy roads.

The standard receiver tube of shocker action works excellently with the equal-i-zer’s four-point sway control. So, Shocker works just fine with the equalizer one.

What does the Shocker air capacity duration depend on?

The air hold duration widely depends on your trailer’s weight and the truck’s capacity. The more load you haul, the more air timing lessened by default. Moreover, the maximum limit is up to 12,000 lbs. In the case of a 16k Shocker, you get an extra 4,000 lbs. It means the maximum weight goes up to 16,000lbs. 

Does the Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch fit trucks?

Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch connected to a truck

Yes, it does. First, measure out the receiver hitch of your pickup truck. Shocker makes universal hitches that fit small, mid, and significant size standard US pickup size. Check if your shank is two and ½ inches to go with a sleeve that is a 3 inches receiver. The shocker website claims it goes with almost all pickup truck types.

Does the Shocker work with extra sway bars?

From our test drive, we tested a shocker hitch with friction style sway control. But one thing we didn’t like is that an extra ball mount that has sway tabs is required to use.

However, we strictly refrain from using Andersen hitches as it doesn’t work in a friction style. But it does work with famous brands like Blue Ox. Also, Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount already has bars attached. 

Shocker Hitch Review: Final verdict

The final question remains: are Shocker hitches worth your penny? Well, that would be a firm YES. People who don’t want a WD system can choose Shocker HD 16K or Shocker Air with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount.

These provide smooth & bumpless rides and fit the universal standard truck size. Shocker HD 16K Air Pintle is the best fit for heavier loads and trailers and can take up to 16,000 lbs towing.

We admire how Shocker has kept it affordable compared to other brands. In case you want a WD system, Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution is a superb choice. 

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