Eaz lift Recurve r6 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Weight distributing hitches serve the purpose of accommodating linear weight distribution hitches while effectively managing sway control between a vehicle and its trailer. Shockingly, 64 percent of trailer accidents in the United States stem from vehicle overloading or imbalanced loads.

For larger trailers, securing a class 4/5 hitch is essential to ensure proper alignment both in front and behind while driving. The installation of proportionate sway control within the hitch head and robust sway control mechanisms is critical. An imbalance due to inadequate sway control can lead to accidents.

Eaz lift Recurve r6 Weight Distributing Hitch connected with a trailer

Camco has been making hitches for a long time, and Eaz Lift Recurve R6 is their updated sway control combined weight distribution hitch.

Unlike the old Eaz Lift Recurve R3, this intelligent 10° sway control technology adapts to the road for better ground clearance while automatically disengaging and low-speed adjustment.

But there’s still debate if it’s worth upgrading to the new sway control R6? So, we’ve tested it out and provided you with an in-depth analysis of the Eaz lift recurve r6 reviews below. 

Eaz lift Recurve r6 Reviews: Key Features

Premium Adaptive Sway Control

Recurve r6 adjustable Sway Control

The Recurve R line was already famous for its intelligent tuning detection on its trailer move. It features a collar at the center and includes a collar pad material. Moreover, the collar pad provides a spindle for your vehicle’s hitch.

Ultimately resulting in better trailer move grip and, adjustable sway control & more ground clearance. By the turn of a bolt, whenever your trailer goes on low speed or makes a turn or a ten-degree rotation, it automatically adjusts with speed.

But now, Camco has updated and brought sway control technology. Compared to the r6, other sway control hitches are not stable enough. 

Heavy-duty function

While testing the r6, our experts found that its sway control automatically disengages by 10 degrees, taking a low run. As it’s flexible, turning 90 degrees on the sway control highway is easy and smooth.

Nonetheless, the Eaz lift stands out from other weight distribution hitches because other sway controls and weight distribution hitches become too stiff while taking turns. Highways and regular roads make tow vehicles change speed controls due to traffic.

So, the sway control is effective enough to adjust a truck hitch head or trailer’s actual time speed and provides automatic sway control. While trying it out, we felt its sway control is perfect, not more or not less. Steering can become very easy when a vehicle is paired with the Eaz lift.

Accident prevention

The r6 adjusts with a vehicle’s angular rotation and creates sway resistance using linear resistance. Top-loading spring bars and a hitch ball are included in this ReCurve sway control system, which mainly regulates the control.

If a vehicle doesn’t use a weight distribution, there can be an accident due to overload. Recurve r6 automatically detects any sway movement, and its innovative adaptive system makes a trailer in a straight line. As a result, any kind of accident while can prevent normal driving.

Hitch measurement

Although Camco offers a range of tutorials and instruction manuals, users often find hitch adjustment to be a perplexing task. The ReCurve r6 comes equipped with a pre-installed 16-inch hitch, and the precise measurement process entails gauging the distance from the ground to the ball coupler.

When it comes to tow vehicles, even slight adjustments of every ⅛-inch can result in a notable impact on weight distribution, affecting it by approximately a hundred pounds. In our testing phase, the vehicle maintained a coupler height of 20 inches under normal driving conditions, with the trailer’s tongue weight hovering around 700 lbs.

Consequently, the ReCurve r6’s hitching steering for the tow vehicle necessitates a calculation of 20 by ⅞ inches. Some users have reported difficulties pairing the ReCurve r6 sway control with their trailers, despite various attempts.

Consideration of the heights of the sleek receiver, spring clip, and hitch pin is crucial for proper adjustment when accommodating different trailers. The inclusion of spring clips not only offers elevated ground clearance but also facilitates easy hookup to any trailer or vehicle. Additionally, the hitch includes a hitch ball for added convenience.

Ergonomic weight distribution

A van and trailer on the road connected with lift recurve hitch

Eaz lift line has a specialized “U” shaped eight inches hole inside the ball mount.  So, the spring bar determines the weight distribution through the ball mount transfer making maneuvering smoother. While changing and angling the bars, manufacturers claim the weight distributor distributes weight to the front of a tow vehicle.

There are three different models of the r6, but the most popular is the 48733 model. It distributes a max trailer tongue weight of 1200 lbs and a max gross trailer weight of 12,000 lbs. The recurve and tow vehicles must be on the same ground level sway control.

So it can get a proper spring angle. We advise you to balance spring bars and not go overboard to other sway control hitches making maneuvering smoother. Overloading of spring bar might result in excess distribution on the front tow of your vehicle and insufficient tongue pressure on the rear axle.

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Constructive lock-up position

The ReCurve’s hook bracelets play a crucial role in securing the connection between r6 and the trailer, enhancing ground clearance. Moreover, the ball mount’s top-loading spring bars automatically engage, minimizing excessive movement.

Included in this hitch, the hook-up bracelet ensures precise alignment between the tow vehicle and the integrated sway control technology. Additionally, an extra ½-inch flat screw is provided, allowing manual adjustment of corresponding holes for alignment with the vehicle. To ease maneuvering, it’s important to release tension from the hook-up bracelets by lifting the front of the trailer while towing the back.

By leveraging the ReCurve’s hook bracelets and ball mount features, users can achieve optimal alignment and reduced movement, enhancing towing stability and maneuverability.

Streamline design

Recurve r6 design

Typically, hitches don’t have any particular design but make the trailer straight. But the Eaz lift recurve stands out for its sleek and subtle look. Moreover, popular hitches like the CURT 13333 trailer hitch make a sound while operating.

Camco has made the sway control of r6 as quiet while working as possible. It has additional supplies like a tongue jack, hitch jack, adjustable spring bars, and sturdy Hensley arrow. Even in iced road conditions, you can operate your truck smoothly with lift recurve weight. 


Camco offers a five-year extended warranty only on the vehicle it’s installed than other weight distribution hitches. However, they don’t provide regular tears during normal driving conditions. Furthermore, suppose any damage happens to products while using this sway control hitch.

In that case, manufacturers don’t take responsibility. Users must fill out an online registration form at the Camco website within ten days to get a warranty. The warranties on other sway control hitches don’t go more than three or four years.

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  • Included thumbscrew & top loading spring bars make propane alignment between vehicle and trailer straight for a smooth driving experience.
  • Provides three inches higher ball alignment for front and back weight control
  • Proportionately distributes the weight all over the vehicle to maintain steady contact with the highway or everyday driving.
  • Mono trunnion with inverted bent bars allows the vehicle and trailer to rotate at the same hitch ball center point.
  • Distributes a weight of 1200 to 12,000 lbs 
  • A sleek and subtle look


  • Ball height and tension work together only and don’t have separate adjustments.
  • No height adjustment to tune bar tension
  • Moderately expensive  

Recurve r6 vs r3: Which one is the best?

The r6 is an updated version of the r3 and made by Camco. The main difference is between the sway control system that r3 works passively and r6 on real-time adaptive. The below table shows the key differences between Recurve r6 and R3.

ConcernEazLift Recurve R6EazLift Recurve R3
Sway ControlAdaptive sway control that engages & disengages on trailer’s off-centerAdjustable before fixing with the trailer & vehicle; remains constant at any position
Weight DistributionComes in three different weights: 600 lbs, 1000 lbs & 1200 lbsComes only in 1200 lbs
TimeWorks in real-time in any kind of road conditions or speedWorks constantly on highway or icy road conditions
PriceCheck priceCheck price

Recurve r6 and r3 installation guide (Video)

Final Thoughts

If you travel hillsides and highways often, upgrading to the Recurve R6 is a good option. From our testing, the R6 performs and does its job nicely. Having three different weight hitches is an intelligent move by Camco.

Compared to Eaz Lift 1,000 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch, it’s a good deal with updated sway resistance. However, it does provide quite a similar performance to Andersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch.

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