Best 3 Blue Ox Sway Pro Reviews – Weight Distributing Hitches

Standard hitches are now out of demand due to their old-fashioned sway prevention techniques. As vehicle models update, so should your hitch model. The hitch in between a truck and trailer controls the majority of movement using the hitch alignment.

Blue Ox SwayPro series is the best weight distribution hitch model if you want a peaceful and safe trip. Even a trailer holding a C channel or clamp on mounts works great with this brand. Mainly, the anti-sway technology of the brand keeps the hitch head and spring bars at the lock to ensure balance.

We’ve reviewed three different SwayPro models, and to find if it passes our test or not, keep reading.

Top 3 Blue ox sway pro product comparison table







  • ‎90 pounds

  • ‎5.25 x 12 x 15.5 inches

Shocker Air Hitch with Sway Control Drop Ball Mount

Blue Ox BXW1500-S Swaypro 1500 lb 9-9 RCVR Hitch

  • Weight limit: 1500 pound

  • ‎5.25 x 12 x 15.5 inches


  • 80 Pounds

  • ‎46 x 28 x 18 inches

  • For Trailer

How does the Blue Ox SwayPro work?

used blue ox sway pro Weight Distributing hitch

Blue ox sway pro works on its innovative weight distribution technology. Let’s say you’re taking your tractor trailer or travel trailer to take one trip. In both ways and road conditions, the tension between spring bars and brackets ensures balanced tension. As a result, your vehicle gets good control of sway and a grip of your trailer or toy hauler. The manufacturer claims that Swaypro technology provides the highest quality sway prevention and grip by studying wind to sway ratio. Swar bars of ox becomes auto-loaded so that your trailer doesn’t move from center aligning with your vehicle. Ultimately, give a lock to your vehicle and trailer. 

From our testing, we found this technology better than traditional slowing hitches that slow the vehicle down. Also, all these models come with a fast hook up and no connecting service. Users don’t need extra tension bars or any clips to adjust. Compared to traditional ones, these three models don’t make any noise due to aligned proportions. While hitches like the CURT 17500 TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch slows down the whole vehicle taking turns or rough, icy roads, these three models make smooth movement by providing a great lock.

Our Favourite 3 Best Blue ox Weight Distribution Hitch reviews

1. Blue Ox BXW2000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch

Blue Ox BXW2000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch and accessories on the ground

One of the main problems users face is the unbalanced load while driving a trailer. Blue Ox BXW2000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch is a special hitch that balances basic tongue weight. 

Blue Ox BXW200 Key Features:

Sway control

Manufacturers provided an open head design for easy access and a hitch ball tightening option. As a result, when your trailer gets a heavy load in one of the sidebars, Blue Ox Swaypro makes sure it pivots. Also, it makes the hitch head to prevent unwanted swaying and timely balancing. Its open head design made sure that users don’t need extra manual fixing. 

Signature rotating installation

Unlike other hitches, the Blue ox sway pro weight distribution hitch is quite easy to install. Also, it has rotating latches, which clears any obstacle mounted on the frame. Blue Ox BXW2000 provides a 1.031 ID spacer tube for an inches ball shark installation. 

Weight distribution bars

Blue Ox provides six different weight bars starting from 350lb Bar( no dot) to 2000lb bars(5 dots). Our experts tried out the 2000lb bars for a trailer with 1700 tongue weight. As we drove through smooth and rough roads, the trailer didn’t move any extra inches without making any noise.


  • Provides six different weight bar options
  • Sway control prevents any kind of unwanted trailer movement
  • Steel stinger is heavy duty and powder coated
  • Pre adjusted hitch head that needs no adjustment
  • Provides lifetime warranty


  • Comes with a 2.5×2.5 shank that’s not suitable for trucks

2. Blue Ox BXW1500-S Swaypro 1500 lb 9-9 RCVR Hitch

Blue Ox is a renowned name in the weight distribution hitch world. Most customers claim they never had to switch different hitches after using the Blue Ox BXW1500- Swaypro 1500 lb 9-9 RCVR Hitch.

Key Features:

Sway control amidst any weather

First and foremost, its spring bars have auto-lock adjustment that makes sure the tow vehicle and trailer align at the same pace. While testing this out, we faced zero swayings amidst the strongest wind. BXW1500 clamp on brackets requires no extra tuning or custom adjustment. 

Swift hook up 

Sigatecer latches provide quicker hook up than traditional ways. Connect your travel trailer with this 1500lbs weight distribution hitch to prevent accidents. Trailers with a tongue weight starting from a thousand lbs to 1,500 lbs are compatible with the BXW1500. Blue Ox uses a quick hook-up design, and even if the hitch ball is not included, a four-inch hitch ball does the job right. 

Ergonomic spring bars

Spring bars impact the sway resistance of BXW1500 directly. As we tested, we found out that the rotating latches and spring bars control their sway control. We received a smooth ride due to the spring steel construction being sturdy. The noise cancellation mode of this hitch makes it a great deal.

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  • Takes a maximum of 20 minutes to install
  • Spring bars provide an auto position lock facility
  • Can bear a gross towing vehicle weight up to 15,000 lbs
  • Pre adjusted hitch head needs no fine-tuning
  • Rotating latches provide quick hook up


  • Hitch ball isn’t included

3. Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch

Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch
p.c. Blueoxtowbars

Sway pro-technology is an amazing hitch innovated by the brand called a blue ox. BXW1000 is great for trailers that have a tongue weight of 1500lbs. Like other Ox hitches, this one too comes with a trailer jack and hitch pin holes. 

Key Features:

Sway pro

Sway pro is the sway prevention technology of Ox BXW100 that solves any sway issues. Usually, while driving, your trailer can lose balance to strong winds. Blue ox sway BXW1000 has a fine tuning of spring steels, preventing any 90-degree changes. But users should make sure the trailer tongue is compatible with an electric jack or regular one to get full results. Blue Ox doesn’t change the positions yet adjust as it should be. 


Every weight distribution hitch has its maintenance ways. Surprisingly, BXW1000 takes less effort to take care of. Manufacturers suggest that the grease fitting of the zerks on the bar pivot increases the stupidness of the hitch. Molybdenum grease that comes along helps smooth operation. We recommend having a ten to fifteen percent more tongue weight than your trailer’s gross weight.


The company offers a lifetime warranty only to its original purchases. Also, users can return the hitch any time within the first 30 days. 


  • Sway Pro technology provides anti swaying even on rough roads
  • Robust spring bars bend up to 2 to 3 inches to adjust with the sway
  • Easy maintenance
  • A 30-day money-back deal
  • Gressles bars provide a custom greasing option


  • Ford owners must reset factory sway control before adjustment.

Buying Guide: Choose the Right Sway Pro Weight Distributing Hitch

Blue ox Weight Distribution Hitch accessories
Tongue weight

Prior to purchasing any hitch, accurately determining the fundamental tongue weight of your trailer holds significant importance. Different hitches and points are designed for new trailers and larger trucks. Initially, weigh the loaded trailer to establish an accurate measurement. Utilizing a locale scale ensures realistic measurements.

For precise measurement, employing vehicle or tongue weight scales is advisable. Avoid overlooking any cargo positioned near the rear axle, as this contributes to calculating the total tongue weight. Maintaining a balance without exceeding or falling short of the maximum weight capacity is prudent for optimal performance.

Blue Ox Sway Pro presents a range of weight options, spanning from 350lb Bars to currently available 2000 lbs, offering versatility to cater to varying towing needs.

Shank height

SwayPro claims it works great with any kind of tow vehicle. Users only need to pair it with standard shank height. Measure your truck or trailer’s bumper first for proper adjustment. Standard hitch shanks have 0 to 7 inches adjustment. At the same time, the Blue Ox S series shanks have a seven and ½ inches more adjustment. In the case of heavy-duty, it increases to 10 inches for durability. So, it’s better to check your travel trailer before making the purchase. 

Trailer coupler usage

Most of the SwayPro models go perfectly along with regular hitch hands. Clamp on brackets requires some specific setup to work smoothly. Unfortunately, while testing, our truck didn’t have a coupler welded beneath the frame. So, we had to replace the hitch and white knuckle with the underslung head. Also, users need their hitch balls for the model BXW2000. 

Spring bars

Blue Ox prevents sway in windy conditions using its anti-sway technology and robust spring bars. The chain-link of the hitch does a great job of holding two vehicles in a straight line. Even if the TTW of your vehicle changes, the bars use the same interchangeable weight distribution head. Manufacturers kept an extra custom option, so users don’t need to buy brand new hitches if the total weight changes.


Among the three Blue Ox models we scrutinized, the prices exceed $5000, aligning with many other hitches in the market. However, it’s noteworthy that costs rise alongside the increase in total weight bar capacities. Therefore, to acquire a Blue Ox hitch, users should allocate a budget of approximately $800.

It’s crucial to avoid purchasing these hitches from unofficial or unauthorized sites to ensure authenticity and quality.

Blue ox sway pro reviews: Final verdict

As we end, it is clear that all the reviewed Blue ox sway pro models work great in any road conditions and passed out review scores. Sometimes users tend to go for lower weights for less price. We highly recommend calculating and installing according to your vehicle’s measurement. Adjusting lower or higher hitch weight can damage even before your trailer starts. Ultimately resulting in an accident and damage.

Always go for 13 to 17 percent more weight than your normal tongue weight. If your trailer weighs 1300 to 1700 lbs, go for the Blue Ox BXW2000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch for 1000 to 1300 lbs Blue Ox BXW1500-S Swaypro 1500 lb 9-9 RCVR Hitch is the best. Finally, Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch is great for 500 to 700 lbs trailers.

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