Eaz Lift Recurve r3 Reviews: Best for Heavy Load

When you are talking about weight distribution hitch, Eaz Lift Recurve r3 is right there on top. Functionality-wise, it’s super easy compared to other hitches.

Recurve r3 Hitch

By tuning the clamp, one can allow the trailer’s weight evenly along with the towing vehicle and determine the sway control to exert. It comes with a hitch ball and top-loading spring bars.

There’s an option to turn the sway control off completely on dangerous or icy roads.

The manufacturing company takes great pride in creating this engineering brilliance. Consumers are browsing through community links search forums for a concrete overview of this great hitch. No one’s had the good luck finding any. 

Here’s my Eaz Lift Recurve r3 review. I’ve discussed the features like adjustable sway control, sleek look, weight distribution at length over the article. 

Hope it will be the answer to all your query.

Recurve R3 is one of the top hitches available in the market. The discussions and reviews regarding this wd hitch are increasing exponentially, illustrating their technical supremacy.

Sway control hitch is an essential tool to have if you tow a heavy load on your vehicle. Eaz lift recurve also features adjustable sway control. For additional ground clearance, there’s a top-loading spring bar that adds more height than other hitches.

Camco is a company that makes performance-oriented products for the camping world. With the introduction of R3, you get extra space. 

The streamlined design makes both the hitch and the trailer move as one. Hitch ball included with the package sizing 25/16″.

Hitch is there to give up a smooth drive even with the added weight. Things could go downhill if you don’t have proper weight distribution. 

With the right hitch ball, shank and tools like Allen wrench, you can have a proper tow vehicle, and the trailer moves at a decent height.

Recurve r3 Hitch accessories

The specs make this new hitch look impressive. Reviewing their features will explain the rest of the phenomena, for example, the tool’s ability to distribute weight evenly across axles or how the hitch can turn the sway control completely off in dangerous or icy roads.

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Adjustable sway control

Recurve r3 features an adjustable one bolt sway control. The hybrid model threaded will make the turning easier for the driver. There’s even the option to turn the sway control off in icy road conditions.

The collar of the sway control uses brake pad materials; this is why it’s so easy to adjust them.

Weight distribution

The central talking point of the hitch is the ability to distribute weight evenly. It does require you to set it up correctly. 

A hitch changes the focal point where the trailer pressure is highest and maneuvers it to both the vehicle and trailer. This way, the pressure is not centered on a single point, instead of distributed.

The hitch ball is 15,000pound rated, and for the active integrated sway control, you can have safe towing in adverse road conditions.

The hitch and the trailer moving as one

The mono trunnion and the trailer move as one, so they share the same center pinnacle by default, giving off a sleek look. 

We often hear that to install a hitch, and you need drilling, for instance, a Reese strait line hitch. But that is no longer an issue. As Eaz Lift recurve r3 lift hitch can be placed directly as a bridge between your trailer and vehicle.

Fitting the vehicle

As the r3 hitch fits without drilling, you can expect quiet, smooth operation. At least, that’s what the customer review says.

There’s a thumbscrew that meets the head angle of the hitch just the way you would expect. 

Also, brackets that come with the package fit right into the socket that has been in the hitch. Two frames play the role of equalizer balancing the vehicle height.

Of course, top-load spring bars are there to ensure more ground clearance than other hitches. 

The bars drop into place, illustrating their technical brilliance.


R3 Hitch on the grass

Unlike, Recurve r3 is capable of delivering sleek, streamlined design. The hitch has a rich black powder coat giving off a premium vibe. Their unique design saves you from unwanted creaking or squealing sort of noises.

Pros and Cons


§ Top-load spring bars. No additional greasing is needed.

§ Superb weight distribution capabilities

§ Adjustable sway control, with the option to turn off sway control.


§ High price

§ Hook failure

§ No replacement hitch ball comes with the package.

How to adjust the r3 weight distribution hitch?

Hitch accessories on the floor

Adjusting the r3 weight distribution hitch is very easy. But it does require some steps that one should follow. I’ll go over them step by step.

First, Raise the back of the towing vehicle and the front of the trailer. Now that the tension between the hookup arm and spring bar is released, the lever bar needs to go around the hookup arm.

Secondly, lift the spring bar and flip it over the center. Then place the locking clip once the spring bar is completely seated. 

Once the lock is in place, just adjusting the chain-link gives you the long-desired levelness. 

On the third and last step, recheck your tire level. Tires should be the same as before or lifted as much as 1 inch.

There you have it. You’ve successfully adjusted the weight distribution.

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After such a thorough discussion, there’s not much to say but to agree with the fact that Eaz Lift Recurve r3 hitch is a tool you can put your trust in to.

When you go outdoors to explore your passion or create memories, the belongings we carry are as crucial as the moment. If any instrument doesn’t live up to the expectation, it can all go downhill.

With the r3, such incidents are hardly ever reported. The whole process of installing, and adjusting sway control is just so easy and pleasing to the eye. In my words, I think this hitch has shaken up the whole hitch industry, and we can look forward to more quality hitch accepting the r3 as the forerunner.

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