Does the Andersen 5th wheel hitch short bed truck friendly?

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Many owners do not properly know that the fifth wheel needs a different hitch than regular ones. If you don’t want to change the ball mount settings or add a slider hitch according to your short truck then it’s essential to attach an extra hitch for the 5th wheel to avoid accidents.

By extra hitch we mean a gooseneck or rail mount hitch. Andersen has a separate Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection line for the fifth wheel in short and long bed trucks. The Andersen hitch series works the best with the fifth wheel in a short bed truck.

To clear the fuss our expert hands tested and reviewed the whole line below. 

How does the hitch help the fifth wheel in a short bed truck?

All hitches don’t work with the fifth wheel in a short bed truck. So, brands have designed separate 5th wheel hitches to go perfectly with the fifth wheel in any truck with a short bed. If you don’t use a 5th wheel hitch, the chances are that the edge of your vehicle might overhang by clipping with the road.

While a user’s vehicle takes a 90-degree angle on the highway, the rear axle might get overloaded without a hitch. A hitch, especially an Andersen Ultimate Connection hitch, sits on the bed of a truck after being set up. Then it controls any kind of shake or turbulence and provides a safe ride.

Are Andersen fifth wheel hitches good?

Andersen Hitch connected with short bed truck

Our experts always test out any product before providing you with any opinion. Fortunately, we have tried out different types of hitches with varying models of vehicles. Undoubtedly, Andersen wheel hitches are one of the best-performing ones in the industry.

One thing we love, you can set up and test out Andersen even in a parking lot. We have done a pressure test on the fifth wheels, and the Ultimate connection aluminum versions passed the test.

Best Andersen 5th wheel hitch for short bed Truck

We’ve tested two Andersen hitches that work for the fifth wheel in a short bed truck.

Aluminum Ultimate Gooseneck 5th Wheel Connection (3220-TBX): For trucks with large toolboxes

Andersen Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection for Fifth Wheel in a Short Bed Truck

Andersen hitches introduced the fifth wheel hitch versions a few years back; it instantly became a hit. Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Toolbox (3220-TBX) Model update is a goose mount hitch that works excellent with bed trucks above six inches. 


Extremely lightweight

First things first, our experts were surprised how light and strong it is! But this Andersen ultimate hitch is mainly for the truck that has a gooseneck mount. A truck either can have a large fuel tank, or it can have a pre-built toolbox. This 5th wheel hitch is only 35 pounds, which cuts the common problem of getting a fifth wheel hitch into the toolbox bed.

Adjustable height

The Andersen hitch provides three different height adjustments in the case of a vehicle bed to the ball mount on top of a truck. While adjusting measurements, the user has to use a 15/16 inches socket wrench to tighten up the top. The upper position is 19 – ⅛ inches; it decreases to 17-⅞ inches for the middle position and 16- ¾ inches for the lower position while setting it up with a truck gooseneck mount.

Andersen 5th Wheel Connection (3220-TBX) on the floor
Set up

This gooseneck hitch is easy to set up once you follow the manual. But the 5th wheel hitch might to the point that the trailer might contact the tow vehicle. So, while setting up, always put the kingpin coupler on top of the trailer king pin with the Andersen hitch gooseneck ball. After putting its greaseless coupler socket down, use an extended pin box. We highly recommend inserting the included two 5 inches bolts so that they can adjust with the gooseneck design to the truck bed. 


Did you know Andersen hitch tested the 5th wheel toolbox version on a pressure test? Most users were skeptical that the aluminum version would not pass the pressure test because it is made from aluminum. 

  • It is suitable with 3 inches center ball
  • 4,500 lbs tongue capacity & 24,000lbs gross trailer weight rating
  • Suitable for a long bed truck and flatbed trucks
  • Hitch warranty isn’t applicable for personal accidents. 

Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 3200 Rail Mount Version

Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 3200 Rail Mount Version for Fifth Wheel in a Short Bed Truck

Andersen Hitches Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 3200 Rail Mount Version works great for truck beds starting from 4 inches to 8 inches. 


Grand design

The Andersen ultimate has a weight distribution system that balances trailer load to the rear axle. So, even on windy roads, our Toyota didn’t face any bumps, and we had an incredibly smooth ride. Also, it weighs 40 lbs, making it lightweight. One person can easily install or uninstall the fifth wheel hitch in a minute. It has the same features as the toolbox model, but the set is quite different. 

Andersen 5th Wheel Connection 3200
Long or short bed

Andersen ultimate 3200 has a kingpin adapter that goes very well with a 16 inches ball hitch. It means that this slider hitch goes well with a short bed truck & a long one. In the case of short bed trucks, our experts recommend measuring the rail mount design base with the ball height first. Side rails of these fifth wheel trailer hitches are more concise than the ultimate ball of the rail mount trailer. Pin boxes can change up to 15° uneven terrain.

Height & latch cable system

Unlike most standard brands, Andersen’s ultimate fifth wheel hitches have a greaseless coupler inside. So, it is all clean, provides more swivel in every tight turn, and ensures a quiet ride unrivaled. The toolbox version also offers three adjustments starting from 15-¾ inches, 16-⅞ inches, and finally 18 inches for ram short bed trucks. The remote cable attached to the coupler rides eliminates manual disconnection from truck, trailer & fifth wheel hitch by ensuring cab clearance.

Set up

We recommend you pull out the latch cable with any of three adjustments before setting it up to the base pin box. Andersen’s fifth wheel trailer hitches have set up a new bar for trucks with bed rails in the industry. Also, for short beds and short bed truck rails, the rail mount transfers trailer weight by balancing between the back window and rear window. 

  • It has a 20,000 lbs gross trailer weight of 20,000lbs and a tongue weight of 4,500lbs.
  • Suitable for short bed, standard, or long bed truck
  • The Latch cable system eliminates manual tight turns 
  • If not reversed carefully on installation, the hitch can damage your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you pull a fifth wheel with a short bed truck? 

Andersen hitch on a short bed truck

If your short bed truck is less than 5.5 inches, then you can pull it with a fifth wheel hitch. An additional slider hitch is not necessary in this case. The Andersen rail mount hitch version already has settings that make it perfect for short bed truck rails. 5th wheel hitches work great with rail size lesser than 4 to 5 inches. 

Do you need a slider hitch for a short bed? 

Installing Andersen Ultimate Connection Toolbox hitch on a short bed truck

Suppose you have a Chevrolet Colorado; then go for the Andersen Ultimate Connection Toolbox version. Honda Ridgeline, GMC Canyon these types of vehicles don’t need an extra slider. A 5th wheel provides an ultimate connection to prevent any bump.

However, longer ones need extra goosenecks or sliders for safety. Vehicle beds up to 5.5 inches can do well without additional sliders. Attach the Andersen hitch pin box to the rotation setting to people on a budget to avoid buying extra hitches.

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Are there any alternative Hitch brands that work for the fifth wheel in a short bed truck?

Either you can change the ball mount option, or you can go for a pin adapter. Besides Andersen, our experts love unique removable 5th wheel hitches like the Reese 5th Airborne Sidewinder. It is an alternative to sliding. B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch works excellent for short and also flatbeds. For a more affordable option, check out the Pulliam Enterprises Inc. 2300 Superglide 24K Isr Hitch.


If you read until here, you already know that the 3200 models are the perfect match for short beds. Also, they provide a safe ride at an affordable price. But suppose your truck has a bed more than 5.5 inches in between 8 inches. In that case, the Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Toolbox 3220-TBX Model will cooperate. Make sure to purchase from authorized stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Andersen websites to get the original Andersen warranty and customer support.

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