How To Use A Hand Winch? (Step by step)

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There have been very few times that I’ve gone four-wheeling without using a winch. It may be our group, or it could be someone who isn’t as prepared as they should be if they get stuck. When properly removing a car from an impossible scenario or correcting a car after a rollover, a hand winch can be a useful tool.

A hand winch can also be used to clear logs or rocks off their properties. Before you use your hand winch for the first time, there are a few things you should know. If basic safe winching methods are not followed, what looks to be a straightforward activity can soon become disastrous. So, read the article properly to understand these guidelines. 

Are hand winches any good?

Yes, hand winches can lift or pull in objects just like mechanical winches, but they are significantly less expensive. Hand winches are good, it is self-sufficient in terms of fuel other than muscle strength, but it is difficult to operate for those who are not that experienced with them.

Otherwise, a hand winch is an excellent backup to a power winch and an essential piece of equipment for off-the-beaten-path travelers in single vehicles. So, it’s really good to keep a hand winch with you whenever you’re traveling off-road.  

Step by step guidelines on using a hand winch

Installing and using a hand winch is very easy. All you have is just to follow the right steps. Once you’ve learned properly it’ll take hardly a couple of minutes to complete this process. So, here are the guidelines for using a hand winch.

Step 1: Set up

The first step is to determine how much weight the hand winch can pull or carry. Make sure your winch is capable of pulling the weight you need to move. If you use a hand winch to pull a weight that is more than its capability, you will end up ruining the winch. It may potentially result in injury to you or those nearby.

Step 2: Install the hand winch

You must first select whether you want to lift the weight or pull it in. This step can be challenging. Pulling the weight in does not require any special thought, but if you need to hoist the weight, make sure the hand winch has a braking system. This is because if you try to lift something with a hand winch that doesn’t have a brake mechanism, you’ll lose control of the handle, which will cause the handle to spin violently and the weight to fall to the ground. This will cause harm to the object as well as possible injuries to you.

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Step 3: Look for a flat metal

Mount the hand winch on a flat metal or wooden surface. Look behind the hand winch’s frame for attachment holes. Use screws to secure the hand winch to a flat surface. Make sure the mounting vase is secure by tightening the screws. The hand winch should then be attached to it.

Step 4: Cable wire should be spool

Roll up the end of the cable wire or rope with some electrical tape. It should be inserted into the hand winch. The set screw should be inserted through the cable. Then, place the cable’s other end into the catch hole. Make sure you leave around a one-length-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter-di This must protrude from the other side of the winch.

A nut is used to slide and tighten the set screws. Before completely tightening the screw, make sure the cable is flowing smoothly into the spool. Next, slowly turn the handle while continuing to feed the cable into the spool.

Step 5: Make use of the hand winch

All that’s left to do now is hook the hand winch’s hook onto the weight and start pulling it in with the winch’s handle. If you want the winch to lift an object, remember to mount it vertically.

Tips on using the hand winch

Whenever you are using a hand winch try to maintain as much safety as possible. Most hand winches have two sets of jaws and two sets of levers. The front jaws clamp on the cable when pulling, and the forward lever movement drags a few centimeters of rope within the winch.

The rear jaws lock onto the cable when the lever is pulled backward for the next stroke, freeing the front jaws for another hold. It’s as if you’re pulling a rope in with your hands in order. So, you have to keep your hand and body safe. These are some basic tips for it:

  • Keep your distance from the cable pulley line. The cable would “whiplash” along this line if it slipped or broke.
  • When using the winch, keep your hands, clothing, hair, and jewelry away from it.
  • Request assistance from another persona to ensure that the winch is running safely. Before activating the winch, make sure this person is far enough away from the vehicle and the rope.

You can also watch this video guideline:


In the above discussion, we’ve talked about all the necessary guidelines about hand winch and how to keep your hands safe while running the operation. Hope your ideas are clear now. Try to follow these things and we hope that your installation will be perfect and it’ll help you a lot. Let us know if there is any query and we’ll try to figure it out. Till then good luck and have a safe journey!

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