5 Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps for the off-road Adventure

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Mud Flaps on a black car

It’s normal for your truck or trailers to get dirty with road debris after an off-road adventure. And a mud flap shields the fenders and exterior of your vehicle from rocks, mud, road grime, and other debris that can be damaging over time.

However, it’s not easy to select one according to the styles, materials, and sizes, so you must be careful when selecting one.

This guide will determine which of the Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps on the market is best suited to your vehicle.

Our recommended 5 Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps (Comparison table)

We have tested those mudflaps and in our opinion Rock tamers mudflap is the best. However, check out this comparison table, compare the products and make your decision based on your budget and needs.






Chrome Trailer Hitch

Rock Tamers

  • Best on the list

  • ‎Adjustable with almost any kind of Vehicles

  • Reasonable price

Rivco trailer hitch kit GL18007-20

Access C100001

  • ‎28 pounds

  • ‎33 x 13 x 5 inches

  • Adjustable

Access D100001 Roctection

  • Access Bed Covers

  • One Year Limited Warranty

  • Rustproof aluminum frame

Roadmaster 4400

  • Fits most 2" receivers

  • Can be attached easily with set bolts

  • Made in US

Access A10100411

  • Made in US

1. Rock Tamers Mudflap System 00108

The Rock Tamers Mudflap System with stainless steel trim plates is the industry’s most advanced replaceable mudflap mechanism with adjustable width. Vehicle specifically built to protect your towing machine from harm caused by rocks, mud, road tar, or other road debris.

Rock Tamers Mudflap on the grass

Rock Tamer’s hitch mounted mud flaps are manufactured of long-lasting, high-quality components and materials. The arms and hub are made of heat treated forged aluminum for ultimate strength. This product’s intense strength is related to its stylish matte-black, powder-coated, UV-protected finish. They are corrosion resistant too.

Crafted for robust performance, these heavy-duty mud flaps boast a thickness of 3/8 inch and are molded with a tear-resistant fabric layer. Sized at 24.25 inches x 23.875 inches, they offer extensive coverage and weigh 32.2 pounds. The Rock Tamer mud flaps are designed for customization, as they can be cut to any desired length using pre-molded cut lines. Featuring an anti-splash pattern on the backside, these mud flaps excel in minimizing debris spray. The package includes a stainless steel frame with polished trim plates and stainless steel mounting hardware for a durable and polished finish.


  • Super sturdy and fits most vehicles’ sizes, ranging from dually trucks to small ones.
  • Overall width is flexible from 66.75 inches – 97 inches.
  • It easily secures most 2-inch ball mounts and hitch receivers.
  • The Center hub requires only 1 inch of free space on the ball mount shank.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • No drilling is required for this hitch mounted mud flaps installation; Hub length: 67-¼ inches – 96-¾ inches.
  • Optimum protection for your towing vehicles.
  • Corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant.


  • No recourse for replacements.
  • Expensive compared to other OEM-styles.
  • The main purpose is for towing, not really for off-roading.

2. Access C100001 Roctection

Access C100001 Roctection Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

If you need hitch mounted mud flaps to protect your car, boat, ATV, 5th-wheel trailer, or snowmobile from road debris and rocks, this Access product can be the best option. It has a versatile configuration allows it to accommodate boats, SUVs, and full size trucks or trailers. Certainly, this can provide the level of protection you require while complementing your personal style.

Access can resist regular use due to its heavy-duty aluminum frame and thick flaps. Access C100001 Roctection Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are also weather-resistant, allowing them to be used in harsh conditions. And not to mention, these mud flaps are corrosion resistant.

The mud flaps are made of thick rubber for maximum protection. It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can use it whenever you want.

In addition, the surface is lightly textured and made of smooth thick rubber to prevent mud and ice from sticking or building upon it. Even more, assembly and installation are easy by simply pressing it to your car’s ball mount. It also includes a stabilizer plate to keep the frame level and protection from rocks.

The trim plates in Access are fixable and, with one side being black and the other silver. When connected to the mud flaps, it creates a rigid flap with a stylish appearance. This product measures 24 by 12 inches and can be altered and trimmed to suit your model specific requirements and style. The product weighs 28 pounds and measures 33 x 13 x 5 inches.

Given these features, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth!

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  • Classic durability and modern style.
  • Sturdy, adjustable, and Built-In Stabilizer keeps flaps steady on rocky roads. 
  • Easy to install and easy access on any two inches ball hitch.
  • No-drill install.
  • Universal design and features to suit most vehicle sizes.
  • Rubber construction mud flaps and aluminum frame for durability.
  • Trim plates are reversible as per your model specific needs.
  • Rustproof, weather-resistant, heat-resistant.
  • Receiver pin And zinc plated mounting hardware included.
  • Made In USA.
  • One Year limited warranty.


  • Additional parts may be hard to find.
  • The bolt heads might touch the bumper, so they may scratch it.


Fits perfectly on the 2015 ford f-250 super duty, 2012 Chevy 3500, and many more. (though it’s adjustable, make sure it fits with your vehicles and have enough room for these to fit in between the bumper and the hitch receiver before purchase).

3. Access D100001 Roctection

Access D100001 Roctection Mud Flaps

These Access mud flaps will provide maximum protection for your valuable investments, such as trailers, boats, and campers. This only costs less to protect them from damage caused by road debris and rocks.

With these Access mud flaps installed in your vehicle, you can maximize the value of your assets and avoid costly repairs. Its heavy-duty construction is not compromised by its minimal and sleek appearance. To ensure durability, the frame is made of aluminum and zinc-plated. This is also rustproof, so it will last for a long time. It will not be easily damaged even if you expose it to various conditions.

Furthermore, its design allows you to visually access wiring, safety chains, and receiver pins. Because the clamping system is adjustable, it is simple to attach to the ball mount. It is also simple to remove by simply pulling the hitch receiver pin.

Moreover, Access rock guards are lightweight and have thick rubber surfaces to prevent ice and mud from accumulating. They also resist heat, with a temperature range of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to mention that this is still adaptable at –40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is model-specific to ensure that it fits your vehicle perfectly.

This is designed to fit your trailer truck’s bumper while also acting as a shield to deflect rocks away from what you’re towing.

Buy from etrailer.com


  • Vinyl capped stops to allow for easy receiver pin alignment.
  • Rustproof steel frame and mounting hardware.
  • 24″ tall, they are adjustable and can be cut to any length.
  • Easy to assemble and install in less than 20 min.
  • Durable with simple frame features.
  • Can provide optimum protection from flying road debris and rocks.
  • Attaches with an adjustable clamping system.
  • Perfect for SUVs and pickups.
  • One Year Limited warranty.


  • Poor-fitting of the assembled parts.
  • Poor customer service.

4. Roadmaster 4400 RoadWing Mud Flaps

Roadmaster 4400 RoadWing Mud Flaps

These Roadmaster mud flaps or rock guards are designed to be of the highest quality. These mud flaps, like other products from the same brand, have passed the most stringent test, ensuring peak performance. The anti sail design ensures that the mud flaps are in place. Because of its double-bolt attachment points, it does the job.

The channels within are grooved to deflect road debris, gravel, and rocks. It protects both your towing trailers and your vehicle from damage. Furthermore, it is adaptable enough to fit 2 inches receivers. This is designed to fit over your towing bar stinger or ball mount. It can also be easily attached and detachable using set bolts.

Not just that, but the Roadwing mud flaps are 24 by 24 inches in size, making them ideal for any full size vehicle. You can also trim it, increasing its adaptability per your car’s model specific requirements. Roadmaster also has models that accommodate dual tire trucks or trailer trucks, motorhomes, and full size buses.

With all of these benefits, you can not go wrong with this Roadmaster 4400 RoadWing Mud Flaps. Because it is from the manufacturer, you can be assured of structural longevity, decency, and safety.

These hitch mounted mud flaps fit full size pickup trucks and trailer trucks. The package dimensions are 14.732 H x 199.390 L x 27.94 W. (centimeters). The total weight of the package is 29.65 pounds.

Roadmaster Mud Flaps Installation guide (Video)

Buy from Walmart


  • Work well for all full size pickup trucks or trailers.
  • Easily installed.
  • Made of good quality.
  • You can cut them to the length/height as per your vehicle specification.
  • Interior channels are grooved.
  • Secures in place with the support of double-bolt attachment points.
  • Effortless attach and detach features.
  • Made in USA.


  • They easily get rusted.
  • Deforms.
  • They might be a little chintzy if you use them daily.

5. Access A10100411 Rockstar XL Mud Flaps

Access A10100411 Rockstar XL Mud Flaps

Extended but Model Specific Rockstar mud flaps/rock guards with modified suspensions give protection by keeping rocks and road debris off your towing boat or trailer trucks.

This custom-fit frame gives your full size vehicles a factory look while allowing access to the wiring and hitch pin. They safeguard your boats, cars, snowmobile, ATV, or fifth-wheel trailers. The extra-wide design provides the best coverage than standard-size mud flaps.

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Access mud flaps offer protection from the inside toward the ball mount—ideal for normal trucks or trailer trucks that have been lifted or lowered. The frame matches up to the contours of your bumper. The support flange attaches to the center bumper step to provide stability.

The 1/2″ thick, heavy-duty, smooth rubber hitch mounted mud flaps protect better than standard mud flaps. They reduce flapping and the accumulation of ice and mud, and sustain exhaust temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A rustproof aluminum body and stainless steel frame ensure durability.

You can access your hitch pin and trailer connector through openings in the frame. The mud flap frame clamps onto your 2″ ball mount for simple installation. Mud flaps are attached to the frame with included hardware and have a sleek mill finish.

For 2-1/2″ ball mounts, an adapter (A81008 – sold separately) is available. An optional heat shield (A80807 – sold separately) is also available for modified dual exhaust systems.

Find on eBay


  • These hitch mounted mud flaps are fit for class 3 receivers.
  • Works well with custom hitches.
  • Unique Model Specific design.
  • Rust Proof aluminum features.
  • Friendly radius corners.
  • An optional heat shield is available for dual exhaust.
  • Optional rubber lengths for custom sizing.
  • Easy One Tool assembly, no drilling required.
  • Attached with an adjustable clamping system.
  • Available smooth mill or diamond plate.
  • A Year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Assembly can be tricky for some.

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Things to Remember Before Buying the Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

Hitch Mounted ball joint

When selecting the best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps or splash guards/rock guards for your diesel truck or trailer truck, boat, full size van, or any type of heavy vehicle, keep the following factors in mind.

Front or back mud flaps

Mud flaps are available in front-only, rear-only, or as a kit. Make sure you reach for the right anti splash pattern for your trailer truck or boat based on your needs as well as your experience in attaching them.


The very last thing you may want to do is return to the store (or wait for an online response) because your mud flaps don’t fit your boat or truck’s make or model. The mud flaps on your truck, for example, may be completely different depending on your truck’s brand.


Most mud flaps are made of durable rubber; some are also made of plastic. The designs on the plastic ones are typically fewer than those on the heavy rubber ones.


Wind or high-speed off roading will not cause heavy mud flaps or splash guards to blow backward. This keeps the elements out and prevents your fender from deteriorating, which is the job you hope to accomplish with your purchase.


Each company sells unique splash guards or hitch mounted mud flaps to display your fandom. You can also get designs representing your country or favorite sports team. Keep in mind that customizing the heavy duty rubber flaps is more likely. The plastic mud flaps will likely be more generic, but they will still do the job.

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How to install Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps? (Video)

Conclusion: Final recommendation 

These mud flaps mentioned here are of high quality; however, there’ll always be one that stands above the rest. We know that with so many options, only the best hitch mounted mud flaps are worth your money. We have provided high-quality products with unique features in this list. Each of them could be a great option for you, but only one will undoubtedly suit you nicely, depending on your requirements and priorities.

The Mudflap System from Rock Tamers is the winner for us. This is due to its high durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and extreme protection from road debris and rocks. Not just that, but it does not necessitate a drill in installation and fits any gooseneck trailer or full sized vehicle. Including its expandable and adjustable width according to your vehicle specifications and other fantastic features!

In any case, all of the mud flaps on the list are of high quality. Whichever you choose, you will still get a fair deal. Hopefully, after reading this far, you have one in mind already. Have a worry-free towing experience!

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