How to install a fifth-wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram?

There is always a confusion regarding fifth-wheel trailers as it is big and people think it’s going to be hard to set this up. But the reality is that if you have enough information and the right guidelines, it’ll be easy. If want to know the necessary information about the Installation of the fifth wheel on a Dodge Ram, then read the article till the end properly.

Can you put a 5th-wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram?

The Ram 1500 models may theoretically pull a fifth wheel if the trailer’s weight is within the towing capacity range. When properly equipped, the Ram 1500 standard can tow up to 12,750 lbs., compared to the Ram 1500 Classic’s maximum towing capacity of up to 10,680 lbs.

We strongly understand fifth-wheel towing and know that Ram trucks work best in this situation. If we discuss the Ram 1500 and the Ram 1500 Classic, essentially the model from the previous generation that is still produced. We’ll focus on the 2022 Ram truck versions to keep things straightforward. Even if you’re considering a used Ram 2500, it’s likely to have greater power than the more recent model you buy.

The weight of the fifth wheel varies greatly. Picking one demands careful consideration, from the lightest at 2,400 lbs. to the heavyweight champion at 20,000 lbs. The average weight is between 12,000 and 15,000 lbs. Most are between 7,000 and 20,000 lbs.

If you pick the proper hitch class, both trailer weights are within the range of capability for conventional towing. Therefore, even while you could set up fifth-wheel towing on the Ram 1500, it wouldn’t accomplish much other than giving you greater stability.

Tools required to install

Most fifth-wheel hitches may be installed without expert assistance if you have the necessary tools. So, try to manage these tools to help ease your work. These tools are, 

  • A ratchet
  • socket set
  • crescent wrench
  • drill with drill bits
  • torque wrench  

N.B. Read the installation instructions for your brackets, rails, and fifth-wheel hitch model before doing it yourself. And read the manual of Dodge Ram regarding towing hitch. Wrong selection can cause damage to the vehicle.

Install a fifth-wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram? (Step by step)

So even though installing a fifth-wheel hitch can be challenging, connecting your fifth wheel to the truck doesn’t take very long. Once everything is ready, you simply back up, secure the hitch, and load the truck. Overall, this setup is just challenging at the beginning. 

So, here are the necessary steps to be followed to install a fifth-wheel trailer hitch on a Dodge Ram. Try to maintain it properly.

1) Taking off the spare tire

Removing the spare tire from its position is good because it’ll help to do the work smoothly. Also, you’ll have some free spaces to work. Free space helps to do the operation properly.

2) Set the front base rail in place

It also goes by the name “trailer coupler.” It is made to articulate around a trailer ball and latch onto it for easy towing. Standard sizes for trailer couplers are available, and many can be changed for a more reliable connection.

3) Drill a pilot hole after marking the first drilling position

With a hand drill motor, you can handle this at home. Start by drilling a pilot hole with a tiny drill bit. Step up a bit halfway to your final hole size, then use it once more at that size. As the holes grow larger, reduce the drill speed, and apply cutting fluid to prevent the bit’s tip from overheating. If you hear squealing, you are either using the drill too quickly, or the cutting edge has become worn. Also, drill the remaining holes under the truck bed after checking the pilot hole.

4) Make the bolt holes larger

Now try to make the bolt holes larger based on the size of the coupler. Don’t make it too big as it will create a problem later and make sure you bought the right size of bolts. Also, Bolt the under-bed brackets in place properly.

5) Fix the front 5th wheel rail with bolts

Set the rails properly and put the bolts properly in the right place. After that tight, it is properly and gives a check if it is properly installed or not. After that Count the height of the fifth wheel hitch.

6) Fix the 5th wheel’s legs

Landing gear to support and level the fifth wheel. These electrically powered gears have extra-large footplates to keep them from sinking while maintenance is being done. Only if its accessories are of high quality will landing gears function properly. Try to fix it correctly.

7) Place the 5th wheel rail at the back

Now please the rail properly at the back of the vehicle nicely and drill the foundation rail holes for the back. Now, Fix the rear base rail with bolts tightly. And if some of the bolts are left, install the last several bolts.

8) Ttorque all equipment

A torque wrench is required to tighten the bolts to the proper level. If not, and you simply tighten them as far as you can, you risk damaging the structure of the car. If the hitch is too loose, it might not work when you try to use it.

9) Lock the fifth-wheel hitch

Now lock the fifth wheel hitch as the fifth wheel has a locking mechanism that includes a jaw that is movably attached to the top plate and can be moved between a closed position where it prevents kingpin exit from the throat of the fifth wheel and an open position where it allows kingpin entry and exit.

So, try to follow all these properly to install a fifth wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram, and before that don’t forget to read the vehicle manual and the wheel manual provided by the manufacturing company.

Cost of installing a fifth-wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram

Investing in a nice hitch will make traveling much smoother and more enjoyable for you and your family.

Although prices will vary, a reputable shop or installer should be able to install a fifth-wheel hitch for between $750 and $1700. This covers both labour costs and the price of the hitch itself. If you’re doing the installation yourself, the hitch and installation/rail kit will cost you between $350 and $1200. You might also need to buy some tools if you don’t already have them.


After reading all this information, we hope you are clear about installing a fifth-wheel hitch on a Dodge Ram. Please follow all the guidelines properly and let us know if you are confused. Share the article with your friends if you think they could be benefited from it. Stay tuned with us for more interesting articles.

Till then stay good. Happy journey.

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