How to Install Allen Bike Rack on SUV?

For bike racks, Allen Bike Rack is one of the most famous names and beneficial to use, made in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They contribute a well-mannered bike rack to your SUV because of their adversity and elegance. On average, 50%-70% of people choose Allen Bike Racks for their SUVs. 

So, let’s talk about how to install these bike racks on your SUV correctly step by step

Things to remember before installing the bike rack

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Allen bike racks have carrier capacities ranging from 2 to 5 bikes, with each bike weighing a maximum of 35 pounds. So before installing, you have to calculate the vehicle’s payload, including the bike rack. 

Also, do you have to check your vehicle has any spoilers? Many racks are intended to work around them, and spoilers frequently obstruct hatch rack installation. Occasionally, the rack feet will not fit around them. They also block the mounting straps at times.

Then you’ve to see if the hatch is framed in metal rather than glass or plastic; where do the mounting hooks go? Will the mounting hooks be installed due to the weather stripping? Forcing them in may harm the weather stripping, resulting in a leak.

When installing the rack on your car, ensure there’s no sand or grit on the car or the rack feet that could scratch the paint.

And finally, you’ve to see will the load be supported by the rear panel or bumper, where the rack’s bottom feet rest? Your car’s massive rear panels, for example, are extremely thin and will dimple if too much weight is applied to them. In this case, it’s good to have the rack rest on the bumper.

Tools you need to install

Bike racks on the market nowadays are simple to put together and install. No tools or equipment are required to install a bike rack on an SUV. in most cases, If you want to mount the bike rack on the roof or hitch, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Measuring Tape – to determine the width and length of your crossbars to choose the right bike rack.
  2. Cutter/Scissors – to remove excess rubber from crossbars to make room for your bike rack.
  3. Marker – to make a mark on the points where you should cut.
  4. Wrench – to tighten or secure the position of the bike rack.
  5. Ladder – to function as a stepping pad for convenient SUV entry.

Allen Bike Rack Installation on SUV (the steps)

To install an Allen Bike Rack on the back of your SUV, we’ve followed the below steps. The installation is pretty easy, fast and It took us only 20 mins to install. 

Step 1: Select a well-suited Bike Rack

This is one of the essential things. There are various sizes and colors. Make sure it covers the backside of your SUV correctly.

Step 2: Unpack the rack and set out its components

Ensure that no pieces are missing. Then, after reading the manufacturer’s manual, begin putting the frame together.

Step 3: Selecting the right spot

Choose a location for these items to be adjusted, and read the handbook to understand better. You can mark the spot with a marker or watch the adjustment. Hold the rack in place and align it with the attachment points. It’s good to take the help of a friend to adjust it, which will be much easier.

Step 4: Take the straps from a rack

Remove the bike rack from the box and unknot the straps. They are sold with loose straps at specific spots by the companies. Detach them from the hooks by pulling them outwards, or you can count them according to the instructions in your manual and then make a minor adjustment. Open them one at a time and never put too much force into them. You can break helpful clips in such cases. 

After that, extend its inner arms, which support parts of the racks facing inwards during packaging. Plastic clips attach those until someone releases them. Hold the clip and pull it back, then open your arm in the direction you want to go.

Open them up and fold them into a stand. Carry on with the rest of your setup’s arms in the same manner. Reposition the clips to keep the arms in a single position. Change the position of the rack so that the adjustment points face the top of the SUV.

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Step 5: Adjusting the rack on the hooks

Hold it tightly and go towards the surface’s upper hooks. The sticky bottoms of the stands are strong enough to adhere to these specific spots. Pull them slightly outwards after pulling them inwards. Set the lower side of the rack on the steel hooks inside the vehicle’s bottom below the bumper.

Step 6: Set the center strap below the bumper

Hold the central strap and let go as much as you can till it reaches the bumper’s bottom. Tighten it at these points with the hook and then pull it to check for stability. Tighten it firmly without any loop in the middle or any other side. Hold it tight from the upper edge, bring it down, and approach the hook. If it is long, move it backward in the middle clip and decline the size.

Step 7: Adjust all the parts by maintaining the labels

In the event that the side straps become tangled or the knots are lost, each strap is equipped with a plastic clip label for easy identification. The paper labels provide clear instructions on adjusting these components. Simply hold one end of the strap in one hand and attach the clip to the other side, ensuring a secure connection. Repeat the process for the second-long strap on the opposite side. To verify stability, pull and tighten the straps promptly. In the initial stages, eliminate any slack or faults. Subsequently, assess the overall stability of the bike to ensure a secure setup.

Still not sure how to do it? Watch this installation video by Allen Sports:


Installing a bike rack on your vehicle might seem like a daunting task, but with the right methods in place, such as the one described above, the process becomes straightforward. As long as you grasp the guidelines correctly, setting up the bike rack is a breeze, allowing you to hit the road for a worry-free ride!

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