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Unlocking the trailer hitch lock without a key

The purpose of hitch locks is to prevent thieves from stealing your trailer. A hitch lock connects your trailer hitch and receiver until you unlock it, which is usually done with a key. These locks prohibit anyone from lifting the receiver, and unless the lock is removed, they won’t be able to unhitch the trailer.

It’s a very popular problem to lose the key to your hitch locker. So, you need to unlock or remove the locker. Losing a key, rusted locker, or key stuck inside the locker are very common issues that you may face once or twice.

So, we are going to tell you some of the easiest ways to unlock the trailer hitch lock which will take a couple of seconds if you do it properly. Most of the lockers are thin which are found in the market and these are easy to break. So, try to read the article till the end carefully and maintain all the given guidelines properly to complete the operation. 

Unlock the trailer hitch lock without a key (Step by step)

Unlocking the trailer hitch lock without a key (Step by step)

To keep your trailer secure, there is a variety of hitch locks available. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be mounted on various areas of the trailer and receiver hitch, but their purpose is the same: to keep your belongings safe from theft.

But if you lost the key to your hitch lock or if your key is stuck inside the lock, or your lock is too rusted that the key is not working properly then, unfortunately, there is no method to figure out which key has to be replaced.

You have two options: either remove the locks by drilling them out and replacing them, or seek the help of a local locksmith to create a new key from your existing lock cylinder. Alternatively, you can explore some simple methods based on personal experience to address the issue.

The most popular and simple method is to break the lock. All you need is a hammer or a strong steel pipe that will be perfectly fitted on that lock. 

Here are the steps to break the lock of your hitch:

  • First, you need to look carefully at the main two joints of the locker on two sides of the hitch. 
  • Try to shake it with your hand and find the weaker joint. There always will be a weaker joint. 
  • When you find it hit that joint with a hammer continuously until it breaks down. You can use the pipe. Just put the pipe on that weaker side and fit it on the locker.  When it is fitted properly pull the pipe backside strongly until it breaks. 

So, these are the simple steps to be followed whenever you lost the key to your locker which is very easy to do. 

N.B. If you think you have less idea you can take the support of a partner who can assist you with this work. And don’t make any harm to the hitch or other parts while you are breaking the lock. 

Alternative option

If you don’t want to break the locker or you don’t have any required materials to break it then you can use this method.

You can also use Sawzall blades with a metal tip that can help you get rid of that lock. You need to identify the weaker side of the lock. Now set the Sawzall blade properly at the joint of that weaker spot and start cutting it.

The only problem you will face is that it’ll make noise otherwise it’s completely ok. After cutting it for a while you can see the lock will cut off as most of the lockers are pretty thin to cut through. It’ll take a couple of seconds to cut it off.

Video guidelines


So, these are the very common way to unlock the hitch lock without a key. Try to follow these steps in the correct manner which will be easy for you. It’s always better to keep an alternative key safely at home to avoid these types of problems.

Better to put some grease oil to avoid rust. But still, we have talked about the solutions above. And yes, a quick suggestion. After breaking the lock if it is too much easy to break then surely, you’re going to have an idea about the quality of that locker which you were using.

It may get stolen. So, try to use a quality locker next time. Which won’t be easy to break. Of course, you have to keep an alternative key safely from that time as it won’t break easily.

Hope your problem is solved. If still have questions, let us know about it. Have a safe journey.

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