Comparison between Fastway Flash 42-00-2600 E Series Hitch and Fastway e2 2 point sway control trunnion Hitch

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Fastway Flash 42-00-2600 E Series Hitch:

Fastway Flash 42-00-2600 E Series Hitch is the fast and easy adjustments, pin-style, ball mount Hitch. The lightning quick adjustments will save you time and effort, and each flash ball mount is precision machined in the mountain west, making it stronger and longer-lasting than the competition. Used for towing multiple trailers. With adjustable heights and dual hitch balls, trailer change-overs are a snap.  It’s gorgeous design will make your truck look fantastic, and because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum USA.

Key features:

Adjustability: The ball mount features an adjustable design, allowing users to easily change the height of the hitch ball to match the height of the trailer coupler. This adjustability ensures proper towing setup, optimizing safety and performance.

FlashTM Technology: Fastway’s patented FlashTM technology enables quick and easy adjustment of the ball mount height. With the pull of a pin, users can slide the ball mount platform up or down to achieve the desired height, eliminating the need for multiple ball mounts of varying heights.

Aluminum Construction: Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the ball mount offers exceptional strength and durability while remaining lightweight. This makes it easier to handle and install compared to heavier steel ball mounts.

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum construction provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability even in harsh towing environments. This makes it suitable for use in diverse weather conditions and climates.


 The Fastway Flash Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount is compatible with various towing setups, including bumper-tow and weight-distribution systems. It accommodates standard 2-inch hitch receivers and is available with different weight capacities to suit different towing needs.

Pros – 

  1. Saving you time and effort as you switch between different trailers and tow vehicles
  2. Hand Polished mirror finish and sleek lines
  3. Made in the USA from AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM  makes it superior in strength, yet lightweight and easy to adjust
  4. 1,000 LB. MAX tongue weight
  5. 10,000 LB MAX trailer weight with dual hitch balls is a great and easy choice for towing trailers
  6. Have associated with lock kit with 2 keys – secure
  7. Fits well


  1. Really shiny
  2. Heavy weight
  3. causes a little bit of noise when stopping and starting at a light or stop sign but it is very minimal.

Installation video link :

Fastway e2 2 point sway control trunnion hitch:

Design and Components:

Trunnion Hitch Design: Fastway e2 2 point sway control trunnion hitch utilizes a trunnion-style weight distribution system. This means that it employs trunnion bars (also called spring bars) to distribute the trailer tongue weight across both the trailer and the towing vehicle’s axles.

2-Point Sway Control: The “2-point” in the name refers to the dual friction points integrated into the hitch design to control trailer sway. This system reduces sway through integrated friction sway control mechanisms.

Built-in Sway Control: Unlike standard weight distribution hitches that only redistribute weight, the Fastway e2 features integrated sway control. This helps to minimize side-to-side movement or sway that can occur when towing, especially at higher speeds or in windy conditions.

Key Features:

Friction Sway Control: The Fastway e2 uses friction sway control technology, which applies resistance to the trailer’s movements, thus dampening any tendency for the trailer to sway.

Trunnion Bars: The hitch includes heavy-duty trunnion bars that are responsible for distributing the trailer’s weight across both the trailer and towing vehicle’s axles, improving stability and handling.

Easy Adjustment: The e2 hitch is designed for ease of adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune the weight distribution and sway control based on the specific towing setup and trailer weight.

Compatibility: This hitch is compatible with a wide range of trailers and towing setups, including travel trailers, utility trailers, and larger recreational trailers.

Durable Construction: The Fastway e2 is typically constructed from heavy-duty materials such as steel, ensuring durability and reliability even under demanding towing conditions.

Installation: While installation may require some initial setup and adjustments, the Fastway e2 is generally considered straightforward to install with basic tools and proper instructions.


Enhanced Safety: By reducing sway and distributing weight more evenly, the Fastway e2 enhances the overall safety and control of the towing experience, especially in challenging road or weather conditions.

Improved Towing Experience: Towing with the Fastway e2 hitch results in a smoother and more stable towing experience, reducing driver fatigue and enhancing confidence behind the wheel.

Versatility: This hitch is versatile enough to be used with various trailer types and sizes, making it a practical choice for those who tow different trailers or loads.

Cost-Effective: Compared to more complex sway control systems, the Fastway e2 offers effective sway control at a relatively affordable price point.

Installation video link : Installing the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution Hitch

Product 1 : Fastway e2 2 point sway control trunnion Hitch CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Product 2 : Fastway flash 42-00-2600 E series Hitch CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

FeatureFastway e2 2 point sway control trunnion HitchFastway flash 42-00-2600 E series Hitch
Sway control system2-point sway control systemIntegrated sway control
Weight distribution capabilityYes, 4,500 lb, 6,000 lb, 8,000 lb, 10,000 lb, and 12,000 lbYes, 6000 to 12000 lbs towing capacity 
Hitch ClassClass 3 and 4Class 4
Spring Bar DesignTrunnion barsRound bars
Ease of InstallationStraightforward installation and adjustmentEasy installation and setup
CompatibilityFits a wide range of towing setupsDesigned for specific weight capacities and trailerscauses a little bit of noise when stopping and starting at a light or stop sign but it is very minimal.
Noise ReductionOperates quietlyMinimizes noise during towing
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited warranty
Construction MaterialSteelsteel, Hand Polished mirror finish and sleek lines
Included ComponentsHitch head, spring bars, shank, hardwareHitch head, spring bars, shank, sway control
Towing Vehicle CompatibilitySuitable for various towing vehiclesDesigned for heavier towing setups

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  • Both the Fastway e2 and Fastway Flash E Series hitches offer sway control and weight distribution features, but they differ in their specific design and capabilities.
  • The Fastway e2 uses a 2-point sway control system with trunnion bars, whereas the Fastway Flash E Series incorporates integrated sway control with round bars.
  • The Fastway e2 is available in multiple weight capacities and is compatible with a wider range of towing setups compared to the Fastway Flash E Series, which is designed for heavier towing applications.
  • Installation is straightforward for both hitches, but the Fastway Flash E Series may be more specialized in terms of weight capacity and trailer compatibility.

Ultimately, the choice between these hitches depends on your towing needs, vehicle specifications, and desired features. The Fastway e2 is suitable for general towing applications with effective sway control and weight distribution, while the Fastway Flash E Series is tailored for heavier trailers and specific weight ranges.