5 Best Short Hitch Extenders for Bike Rack

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Short hitch extension for bike racks that satisfy people’s needs is the best. However, selecting the best heavy-duty hitch extension is often challenging. Because there are numerous options available from various brands, including CURT, TOPSKY, BLUE OX, TOP TOW, JOYTUTUS, and others.

Fortunately, our experts have prepared a list of the top 5 best short hitch extenders for bike racks for you to consider. We dedicated over 55 hours putting a variety of heavy-duty hitch extensions in various price ranges through their tests.

All of our readers can expect quality, value, and convenience from us.

Can I use a hitch extender for a bike rack?

Yes, you can.

Thule bike racks and platform bike racks both can be benefited from short hitch extenders. For instance, if your hitch has a tongue weight ability of 350 pounds, the adaptor will limit this to 175 pounds.

Our Top Picked 5 Best Short Hitch Extenders for Bike Rack






CURT 45796 18

Chrome Trailer Hitch

TOPTOW Hitch Extender


Blue Ox BX88265


1) CURT 45796 18-Inch Long Trailer Hitch Extension

The Curt 45796 18 inch hitch extension is designed to accommodate a 2-inch receiver, which is the industry standard.

This receiver is ideal for carrying bikes far from bumpers or trunks. It can also tow 3,500 pounds of gross vehicle weight (GTW) and 350 pounds of tongue weight (TW). It weighs almost 19 pounds and is made of high-grade carbon or stainless steel.

Prepare to use this hitch extension a lot because the gloss black powder coating significantly increases the life of the extender while also protecting it against corrosion, rust, chipping, and UV damage.

Note: Devices with electrical plugs are suitable for usage in the United States. Because outlets and voltage change from country to country, you may need a hitch adapter or converter to utilize this device in your destination.

Please double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

CURT 45796 18-Inch Long Trailer Hitch Extension on the table


  • Receiver tube by 18 inches, one of the longer extenders.
  • Provides added clearance for a trailer/hitch-mounted accessories.
  • CNC-formed robotically welded and mechanically descaled, thus very heavy duty extension.
  • Protected by a durable Powder Coat Finish that prevents wearing away, rust, chipping, and UV damage resistance.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Well reviewed.


  • None.

Why is this our best pick?

Well, it’s because this short hitch extender goes above and beyond when it concerns extending your bike’s rack. With this hitch extension, you may move your receiver up to 18 inches back.

It’s one of the standard & more powerful extenders available on the market. The Curt 45796 heavyweight hitch extension is precision welded by robotics. As well as, we couldn’t find any major issues or complaints during research about this one.


2) TOPTOW Hitch Extender: Our Top Pick

TOPTOW Short Hitch Extenders for Bike Rack

This receiver hitch extension for bikes’ rack can be extended to 7 inches, providing additional distance between your bumper beam & your hitch-mounted bike rack or load carrier. The industry-standard fit of the TOPTOW hitch extender bar is 2 by 2 inches.

The tube measures 2 inches in diameter and can pull up to 3500 pounds GTW and 350 pounds TW. Install the shank into your hitch receiver fast and easily, then connect the hitch pin and clip.

Super corrosion resistant, built with sturdy steel with a lasting black powder coat finish. TOPTOW short hitch extender adds an extra room to haul your hitch mount bike rack as well as a cargo carrier by extending to 7”, 8.5”, or 9”.


  • High strength hitch extensions.
  • Easy install and rig.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Extend to short lengths of 7”, 8.5”, or 9” and add spare space to haul the hitch mount bike rack or cargo carrier.
  • 5/8” hitch pin kit included.


  • Some have complained about missing pins, though they got credited back.
  • Few said the holes don’t align to insert the pin, while others didn’t have this issue.
TOPTOW Short hitch extender connected with a Hitch mounted cargo carrier

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3) TOPSKY Heavy-Duty Trailer 2 inch Hitch Extender

This short hitch extender for the bike rack is made of high-strength steel and can support up to 3500 pounds. The hitch extensions’ gap between two holes is 7 inches long. For trailer vehicles, such as cars and boats, this hitch fits 2 inch outer receivers and 2 inch hitch receivers.

Choose a traction device that can support a complete load of your trailer for your safety. The trailer hitch extender, as well as the 5/8 pin and clip, are included in the package as locks.

TOPSKY hitch extension is protected by a black powder coating that not only repels dust but also prevents it from wearing away. Thus the trailer hitch extension’s lifespan extends. Simply plug this hitch extender into a trailer hook receiver of the proper size to install it.

A separate hitch pin can be bought from the shop and used in combination with the trailer hitch extender.


  • Extends a 2 in. X 2 inch hitch extension.
  • Includes 5/8 pin and clip with the extension.
  • Covered with a black powder coating.
  • High quality hardware makes this adjustable hitch more durable.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Relevant accessories aren’t provided.


4) Blue Ox BX88265 6” Receiver Hitch Extension

Blue Ox is known around the world for its high-quality towing solutions with modern features, such as short hitch extenders, tow bars and baseplates to gooseneck hitches and steering control systems. Blue Ox has everything you need to fulfill your recreational or business needs, with a diverse hitch accessories and product line.

Blue Ox 6 inch hitch extensions are used with two bars and bikes’ carriers and can tow up to 10,000 pounds and have a tongue load of 1.000 pounds.

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  • Black powder coat finish.
  • Solid steel shank.
  • Maximum pulling ability is 10,000 pounds.
  • Class III.
  • Extend motorhome receiver out up to 6 inches.
  • Allows you to clear the motorhome bumper.
  • Well reviewed by consumers.


  • Price is on the higher side.


5) JoyTutus Hitch Extender

Without wobble or wiggle, the JoyTutus short hitch extender is a specialized trailer hitch extension for 2 inches receivers. This hitch extension for Thule bikes’ rack increases to 12 inches to solve the Jeep Wrangler’s big spare tire problem and make connecting a trailer to a receiver a lot easier.

Hitch receiver tubes increase the hitch on the RV by up to 5000 lbs GTW / 500 lbs TW. This vehicle hitch extension is made of carbon steel and can tow a popup camper.

Enjoy your trip with additional space by loading dirt motorcycles into the truck bed or lowering the tailgate with these vehicle bed hitch extensions. Without removing the spare tire, the hitch extension can be used to mount a bike rack on the automobile.

JoyTutus provides helpful product quality assurance. In case you have queries, don’t hesitate to contact them.


  • Extends to 12 Inch.
  • Anti wobbles hitch extensions.
  • Powerful capacity to tow.
  • Made of carbon steel.
  • Ideal for extending space.
  • Top notch product quality support offered by JoyTutus.


  • Some customers complained that there was an issue with a missing pin. 

Best 5 short hitch extenders Comparison table

Before you buy any of those above hitch extenders, make sure to compare those products with the help of our product comparison table. This comparison is based on our research and test.

Towing abilityMaterials
CURT 4579618 Inches3,500 lbs GTW/
350 lbs TW
Carbon Steel
and Powder
Duty Trailer
7 Inches3,500 lbs GTW/
350 lbs TW
Alloy Steel and
Powder Coated
Blue Ox
BX88265 hitch
12 Inches10,000 lbs GTW/
1000 lbs TW
Alloy Steel and
Powder Coated
TOPTOW hitch
7 Inches3,500 lbs GTW/
350 lbs TW
Alloy Steel and
Powder Coated
JoyTutus hitch
12 Inches5,000 lbs GTW/
500 lbs TW
Carbon Steel

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What to look for when buying short hitch extensions for bike racks?

The list is below-

  1. Receiver Tube Size & Length
  2. Gross Trailer Weight GTW
  3. Tongue Weight (TW)
  4. Rise / Drop
  5. Hitch Pins
  6. Powder Coat Finish

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Hitch Extender FAQs

Are hitch extenders safe?

Yes, they are.

However, hitch extenders are safe if you don’t exceed the capacity of the hitch extension. Exceeding the extender’s Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) or Tongue Weight (TW) ratings can be harmful.

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Does using a hitch extender reduce towing capacity?

Hitch extensions normally do not decrease the towing capacity of a vehicle’s Gross Trailer Weight (GTW). However, they frequently do lower the Tongue Weight (TW) rating by up to 50% of the trailer hitch’s rating.

To verify the rates, always confirm the company’s specs & features of the specific hitch extension prior to buying and using it.

What is the purpose of a hitch extender?

Hitch extender on the floor

Hitch extensions support you in overcoming difficulties such as:

  1. Campers that are mounted on the bed of a pickup vehicle.
  2. Extended overhangs on slide-out campers.
  3. On cars with rear-mounted spare tires, bike racks can be fitted on the hitch.
  4. On tight turns, the trailer tongue box protects the tow vehicle’s mud flaps.
  5. To avoid damage, hitch extensions add extra space between the vehicle and bike racks, cargo carriers, or motorbikes’ carriers; and while still connected, reclaiming trunk or hatch access.

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Throughout our research, we found 23 heavy duty hitch extensions for bikes’ racks and narrowed them down to 5 high-quality options. To compile the highly durable hitch extensions list, we used our big data system to collect and evaluate 11,210 buyer reviews.

We uncovered the majority of consumers prefer high duty hitch extensions with extra features, which hits the cost an average of $84. There are a few things in life on which you should not compromise.

One of them is hitch extenders. The price difference between a cheap hitch extension and a good one. On the other hand, is usually only a few dollars. So stay with the hitch extensions we’ve discussed, and you’ll have the assurance of a secure and safe towing experience.

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