7 Best 3 Point Quick Hitches

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3 point quick hitches have been a great companion for efficient farming and harvesting. Did you know this year is the 86th anniversary of the three-point hitch invention? Previously it was only limited to tractors and has been expanded for trailers.

Gradually different companies brought categories 1,2 & 3 of quick hitches. However, every tractor or trailer doesn’t need a 3 point quick hitch. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine any tractor without a three point quick hitch for farming.

Our experts’ team visited back in the countryside in Minnesota and compared different famous 3-point quick hitch.  Check out our review and comparison to figure out the best 3 point quick hitch for your tractor or trailer.

Our top pick

In hurry? check out the product features table for a quick idea.






Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch

  • 2" trailer receiver

  • For Category 1 tractors

  • Able to move tractors, trailers, anything

Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch

  • 2" trailer receiver

  • For Category 1 tractors

  • For small to medium size tractor

Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch

  • For all Catagory 1 tractors

  • Heavy duty

  • Easy to install

Kolpin 3-Point Hitch

  • For Heavy Lifting work

  • For ATVs and UTVs

  • Fits any Vehicle style 2" reciever hitch

Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch

  • For Heavy Lifting work

  • For Cat 1 tractor trailer hitch

  • 12 month warranty

Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch

  • Can tow up to 8,000 lbs

  • For Cat 1 tractor

  • Easy to install

Sulythw Tractor Drawbar Adapter

  • Category 1

  • Compatible with BX, Kubota, John Deere, NorTrac, Kioti, Yanmar

  • 100% refund guarantee

What is a quick hitch?

A three-point quick hitch is used by attaching implements with a farming tractor or trailer to harvest, plow, and do other agricultural work. The hitch resembles a triangle or often the form of A. Unusually; the hitch attaches the three point implements so that the flexibility is in a 90-degree ratio to the hitch arm and tractor.

Drawbars or pivoting attachment often assists these hitches for quick setup and variable positions. This kind of hitch provides tractors with better friction and grip with the implements so that farmers can have a precise grasp for plow or rowing. 

Again, it reduces implement weight or tractor weight; it provides convenient grip and resistance to control the direction of the attached implement aligning the tractor. 

Types of 3-point Quick Hitch

Different types of 3 point hitches and tractors

The implement, lift arms, and top link are connected through the hole-pin attachment. Pin attachment allows you to remove and attach different implements easily and quickly. However, the hole diameter varies from tractor to tractor and is valid for trailers. So, quick hitches are manufactured according to the size measurement. Most commonly, there are 0 to 4 categories.

Category 1

Category 1 lift arm & top link hole measurement are gradually ⅞ inches and ¾ inches. It is suitable for compact tractors from 21 horsepower to 50 hp. Also, the correct height is between 14 to 16 inches. However, before 21 hp, the category is called 0.

Category 2

Category 2 lift arm & top link hole measurement are gradually 1 inch and 1- 1/7 inches. However, the lift arm spacing is about 30 inches. It is best for a 40 hp to 100 hp tractor. By default, Cat 2 quick hitches are more heavy-duty than cat 1.  

Category 3

Cat 3 is perfect for tractors with around 78 to 225 horsepower. Its top link has one ¼ inch, and arm links are about 7/16 inches. However, the spacing is about 36 inches. Most homesteaders have cat three size measurements. 

Category 4

The tractors with 178 up horsepower need cat 4. The lift arms spacing has to be 45 inches and the pinholes of 2 inches. Also, the link pins are about one ¾ inch.

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Category 1 vs Category 2 vs Category 3

ConcernCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Horsepower21-50 HP40-100 HP78-225 HP
Top Link Diameters¾ inches1-1/7 inches1 ¼ inch
Lift arms Diameters⅞  inches1 inch7/16 inches
Maximum Weight2,000 lbs5,000 lbs15,000 lbs

Best 3 Point Quick Hitches for Tractor and Trailer – Review with comparison

So we believe you’ve already got an overall idea about 3 point quick hitch. Now let’s see which one is perfect for you. During the review, we’ve compared the hitches between each other.

#1 Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch

Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch

Our first pick is the Vowagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch, undoubtedly a classic. 


Material & quality: It has high-grade steel finish pure heavy-duty steel construction. However, other hitches like Sulythw & Kolypin are similar in their material grade. However, we plowed over 24 miles with it and experienced no resistance and beautiful balance. The implements were attached in the same position all along.

Design: It has a standard yet robust triangle design and is durable. Unlike Mophorn Trailer Hitch, we had only to attach it to the tractor’s chassis and implement it for alignment. The hitch is best for a two inches receiver. Also, a powder finish protects the hitch from scratch, which was quite impressive.

Implement operation: We adjusted this with our Kublota 1 series using the drawings and nut weld with a pin. The plow implement worked great with this hitch and harvested more effortlessly than the other hitches we tried. As mentioned, the lift pin is about ⅞ in hook, and the bolts are easy to install. 

Measurement & fit: The width is 26 ⅕ inches from the end of the pin and 19 from the top pin angle. It is not more than 26 lbs and lighter than Happybuy hitch. We did like how its lift pins go inward for our Kubota. 

Things we like:

  • Quick attach bolts are convenient, making installation easier
  • Even with excessive pressure and moisture, it doesn’t corrode.
  • Heavy-duty construction and grip

Things could be better

  • Moderately expensive.

Why do we think this one is the best 3 point hitch?

Vpwagh 3 Point Trailer Hitch is the most compatible with popular tractor brands like John Deere, Kubota, NorTrac, Yanmar, and more out of the seven quick hitches. The nonstandard lower lugs work at the same movement speed as any implement. Any beginner can adjust to this and use it easily. 

#2 Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch

Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch for Tractor or Trailer

Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point Hitch is an efficient hitch that works excellent for advanced-level users. It works great with multiple implements; however, we have some opinions to share below.


New & improved: The hitch includes steel pins that cut any extra expense like previous Maxxhaul hitches. Also, the bushings provide versatility to attach any kind of implement. We appreciate that the manufacturers heard the previous critics and made the hitch compatible with utility and cargo tractors. 

Connection: Like our favorite Vowagh, the installation and whole connecting process are easy. We have many years of hitch experience, so installing the entire thing took only 4 minutes. Things might vary if you are a beginner. It is perfect for a two inches drawbar. 

Lifting pin measurement: It is a category one hitch with lift pins that are ⅞ inches in the side. However, it should easily fit a Case IH S series. Our measurement measures 19 inches from the top and 26 inches from the pin side. A decent size to fit universal compact tractors. We tried to hold it to John Deere 2038R, and it attached to an extent yet didn’t perform well compared to VOWAGH. However, we don’t recommend trying it with a Cat 2.

Material: The hitch is alloy steel and has a durable triangle base design. From our experience, Maxxhaul quality is uncompromised. You don’t need to take care or maintain it too much like other hitches we reviewed. 

Things we like:

  • Have a proper powder finish
  • Durable & compatible with most implements
  • Includes slots for towing new accessories

Things could be better

  • Not beginner-friendly.

#3 Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch

Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch

Are you looking for a heavy duty yet elite 3 points quick hitch? Then Mophorn 3 Point quick Hitch might be the one you are looking for. 


Construction: The showstopper of the hitch is undoubtedly its construction. It has a carbon steel body with a strong powder coat finish. Many farmers in Minnesota told us their Mophron was fine even after keeping outside in rain and weather after a very long time. 

Install: Unlike Maxxhaul, it’s easy to install. We only had to position the accessories at the angle we wanted alongside the drawbar. Also, you don’t need extra drilling or anything. It secures a variety of hitches just with the pin. Apart from other hitches, it has a different bottom pin design, making it easy to attach.

Save time: Even though implements need manual adjustment for dispense, the bottom-up design makes it comfortable for switching. It can quickly move trailers or tractors to warehouses or farms. It is excellent for carrying implements from  a subcompact tractor as the receiver hitch is 2 inches. 

Specifications: The hitch is black and has a half-moon triangle design. The end of the pin is approximately 31 inches, and the height is about 24 inches. The overall weight is 46 lbs, which is heavier than Sulythw. 

Things we like:

  • Includes three hitch flip pins
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Great for heavy farming work

Things could be better

  • Heavy weighted

#4 Kolpin Heavy-Duty Quick Hitch

Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch

For UTV and ATVs Kolpin is more suitable than Mophorn. Check out our review below.


Heavy Duty: It fits any kind of two inches receiver. A particular electric actuator lives heavy implements and balances weight, making Kopin stand out from rest. The force range can go up to 300 lbs, but it took us only 250 lbs to control and use it with a 1300lbs trailer. However, we found the connection to implements quite tricky.  

Innovative: The hitch includes a convenient rocker that’s quite innovative for a Cat 1 hitch. It provides control to the implements to decrease or increase the soil depth using an implement. None of the popular hitches offer this innovative feature, and Kopin is the first of its kind. You don’t need to get off your machine; the hitch lets you control from the front seat.

Additionals: A frame support supports receivers’ suspension locks, especially for ATVs. We forgot to mention that the triangle lift arms of this hitch are flexible. It is pretty easy for any 2 inches automotive-style receiver. Our team could use the hitch adjusting with a 60 inches toolbar along with the hitch. 

Specifications: Like most cat hitch, it has a ⅞ inches diameter and also 20 inches toolbar. The tube framing is about 1 to ½ inches. Its down pressure capacity can take up to 15 inches of vertical lift. 

Things we like:

  • Convenient rocker provide extra capacity
  • Heavy duty with electric actuator 
  • Maximum draw capacity is 300lbs

Things could be better

  • Switch implements connections installation could be a bit easier. 

#5 Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch

Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch

Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch is a special hitch. This hitch should perfectly match your light work and day-to-day farming. 


Sturdy design: It has a triangle construction with laser cut. The core material is steel, and it is fully welded. We switched at John Deere and could tow up to 7,680lbs. From our experience, Vowagh still wins in construction and overall material. There’s a thick powder coat that makes it anti-rust and corrosion. Many users have provided it a 4 star for the design in different forums.

Compatibility: It didn’t go with the Kubota we used for some reason. However, with John Deere, the harvest implements aligned very well and plowed efficiently. A V shape attachment pin can provide a fixed position with the drawback, which helps to adjust the heavier implements.

Craftsmanship: Sullythw always makes their hitches with current tractor or trailer models. We didn’t like that the hitch takes time to adjust. So, it creates a possibility of time waste.

But in the case of towing capacity, it surpasses Maxxhaul. 

Measurement: You’ll get a clevis hook, chain, and also one ⅞ inches ball for smaller applications. It will quip with at least one lift pin. The width of the frame is 26 inches, and the height is 21 inches. Manufacturers provide a year-long warranty. 

Things we like:

  • Includes clevis hook
  • 12-month warranty
  • Maximum tow capacity is 8000lbs

Things could be better

  • Manufacturers could’ve done better material construction. 

#6 Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch

Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch

If you prefer hitches that come with a toolbar and extra accessories, you can check out the Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer Hitch.


Construction: Among the most hitches, the Happybuy hitch has the slimmest powder coat. So we can say that this hitch will go on for a long time. It was a very smooth ride while plowing with this particular hitch. We could tow it up to 8,000lbs.

Easy to install: You need a drawbar to tighten the accessory in the correct position. It has a pin design that provides an easy to install subcompact or compact tractors. The implements are dispensed manually, yet we found it easy to dispense

Extras: Some farmers use chains to drag, which could take a bit more time. This hitch includes a clevis hook to attach the implements very quickly with ease. Two different balls adapt to the soil resilience and adjust the trailer hitch from falling out. It took us 45 minutes to plow a land while it usually takes 1.18 minutes to do the same. 

Specifications: It is for Cat 1 tractors and best for industrial farming and even construction. The ball is about 1 to 1 ⅞  inches, and the max weight is 36 inches.

Things we like:

  • Easy to install and dispense
  • Better for industrial and construction work
  • It has an 8,000lbs tow capacity

Things could be better

  • If you use this hitch for small farming work, then there are better options. 

#7 Sulythw Tractor Drawbar Adapter

Sulythw Tractor three point Drawbar Adapter

Our last pick is the Sulythw Tractor Drawbar Adapter. It is a more adaptable version of the previous Sulythw hitch we reviewed above. 


Durable: Sulythw hitches have great design, but we don’t prefer construction. Because it requires greasing that most hitches don’t need. However, the anti-rust and corrode quality of the hitch is commendable. 

Compatibility: The hitch is compatible with Yanmar, Catand, John Deere, LM25H, and other popular tractors. It is lightweight and easy to install. Some hook pins adjust if the lift arm hole pins aren’t tight enough. The bottom pin design also includes this hitch, making the installation and connection task easy for beginners. 

Measurement: Again, it has a standard 2 inches receiver hitch. The frame width is 28 inches, whereas the height is 21 inches. Moreover, the average pin size is ⅞ inches in diameter. A single drawbar adapter is provided, along with three different pin adjustments. 

Others: Manufacturers offer a refund for this specific hitch model. Again, this is also better for construction rather than farming. 

Things we like:

  • Bottom pin design makes easy connection process
  • Extra hook pins 
  • Better for industrial and construction work

Things could be better:

  • Manufacturers could’ve done better material construction.

Comparison Table

To make your buying decision easier, we’ve compared the key features of those 3 point quick hitch models.

Vowagh 3 Point Trailer HitchAlloy steel26 lbsBeginner-friendly and easy
Maxxhaul Standard 3-Point HitchAlloy steel35.2 lbsManual should be followed
Mophorn 3 Point Trailer HitchAlloy steel48 kilogramsEasy to install
Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point HitchCarbon stainless steel82 poundsComplex
Sullythw Tractor Drawbar Trailer HitchAlloy steel29.2 poundsManual should be followed
Happybuy 3 Point BX Trailer HitchAlloy steel29.5 poundsBeginner-friendly and easy
Sulythw Tractor Drawbar AdapterAlloy steel20.9 poundsManual should be followed

Buying Guide for Quick Hitch

A 3 Points Quick Hitch is connected with a trailer


First and foremost, it’s very important to measure the top links and lift arms accurately. In addition to that, the accuracy of tractor/trailer tongue weight is essential. Measurement determines the quick hitch your vehicle needs and avoids a double trip of attachment. 

Tractor/Trailer type

Even though both are compact tractors, MF 1300 Series Conditioner configuration is not the same as a John Deere 3032E. Also, trailer measurement doesn’t go along with tractor measurements. The category also differs from utility tractors to row crop tractors. While some tractors/ trailers go with similar quick hitches, most don’t. Some even have fixed drawbars. 


Implements make the selection process critical. When we tested out the 3 point quick hitches cat 2, many implements were not attaching despite every measurement right. So, before purchasing a quick hitch, it’s important to emphasize what kind of implementation you will be using. 


Always look for a proper protector finish, regardless of what category quick hitch you are planning to buy. Heavy-duty steel construction is preferable as an overall design. Also, anti-rust and anti-corrosiveness materials provide durability for a long time. Checkout if the material is high grade or not. 


A golden rule for buying a hitch is to always check tow capacity and tongue weight. The receiver trailer or tractor weight and horsepower determine the category. Quick hitches are different in weight depending on material and construction.

How does 3 point quick hitch work and why do you need one?

3 point quick hitch connected with a tractor

A 3-point quick hitch attaches at the bumper triangle drawbar of the tractor or trailer. A triangle of lift arms fixed at the linkage system (three points).

Those lift arms are directly controlled through the tractor/trailer hydraulic system. However, their third top link is where they implement equips. Implements are mostly equipped throughout the third top link latch. The implements rise and low according to how you drive and attach them.

Whenever you drive your trailer/tractor, the hitch transfers the implement’s weight to the front and rear axle of the trailer/ tractor. So, the weight doesn’t fall to the back axle, which may cause the front axle to zero weight.

The distribution makes sure the implement aligns with the trailer and doesn’t fall out from any kind of resistance from the ground from the drawbar. In plowing a field or harvesting, a 3 point quick hitch provides safety and saves time and farming efficiently.

Note: Without a quick hitch, must do the plowing manually; there’s a risk of the implement falling out destroying prepared land for harvesting. Most importantly, it increases the risk of an accident. 

How to install a 3 point quick hitch? (Step by Step Guidelines)

Step 1: A regular 3 point hitch has draft links discussed earlier. The first thing to do is slide the hitch and lower three-point position before aligning. Make sure it stays in place. It’s better to have a partner while installing. Because most hitches are heavily weighted. 

Step 2: Back up the implement, line up the draft link holes, and lift arm pins in a 180 degree to the implement. Guide the links to the hole and pin and secure it with an extra lunch pin for the clevis hook. Reverse the position of the pin arms and attach it to a fixed or flexible position like your want. 
Final step: Top link should not be bent backward because it can cause imbalance among the harmony of lifts. Now that the three points are ready, attach the hitch with the pin hooks. Then tighten down the pin hooks on three sides. Test out your tractor or trailer, and that’s about it, you’re done.

Quick Hitch FAQs

Quick hitch for tractor

What is quick hitch compatible?

A quick hitch compatible adapter helps to adjust rear attachments to lift or low.

Are all 3-point hitches the same?

Three point hitches have four categories according to their top link and lift arm hole measurement. So not all 3 point hitches are the same.

How do I know what category my 3 point hitch is?

Check out your tractor or trailer horsepower, weight, top pin, and lift armhole diameter. If it matches or recommends a hitch manual, then you can easily identify it. You can check our category comparison chart above for ease.

Are 3 point hitches Universal?

No, they are not because of the measurement and size. 

What are the best 3-point hitch brands?

Vowagh, Harbor Freight quick hitch, Kolphin, and more brands are the best 3-point hitch producers. 

Are there any advantages of using a 3-point quick hitch instead of a drawbar hitch?

3 point quick hitch transfers weight to drive wheels; on the contrary, the drawback hitch provides attachment adjustment for trailer tow.

Final verdict: So which 3-Point hitch to choose?

Testing and comparing to find out the best three point hitches was fun yet tricky. We got to know more about these hitches. However, Vowagh 2″ Receiver 3 Point Trailer Hitch Category 1 is our favorite because it passed our test. It is sturdy, easy to install, compatible, and the plowing was fantastic., but the other six we mentioned are also worth checking out.

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